Sunday, 27 September 2009

Old Typepad Posts - February 2008

TITLE: ~*~ Hiatus ~*~
DATE: 02/18/2008 08:42:59 PM
I need a break - so I am going to be offline for the next fourteen days.
Nothing dramatic happening I just need to recharge my batteries and get off this dang internet *snigger*

See you all soon

TITLE: ~*~ Things that make me happy ~*~
DATE: 02/16/2008 08:14:24 AM
Two days ago I received a gorgeous card from my friend {julia} who simply wanted to cheer me up as I have been feeling a little down lately (long boring story, don't worry I won't go into detail now). It totally made my day to know there is someone out there who sincerely likes to see me happy. It made me smile lots.

To tell you the truth I consider all the girls who are members at {scrapitude} as friends. They are one lovely bunch of women who support each other through anything that happens in our life's and they have wicked sense of humour too. If you are looking to join an international community which is more like a fun dysfunctional family then you should join in.

The other thing that made me happy yesterday was a letter I received at work from one of our passengers. He wrote in with a complaint and he was so appreciative of my response that he went out, bought me a "thank you" card and stuck a £10 ($18) voucher for Thornton's inside. Now how sweet is that?? It marked the prefect end to a week which started shitty but turned out to be really great.

Now I am off to Portsmouth in about an hours time to meet up with some of the lovely Scrapitude girls, so look out for another video over the next couple of days.

Have a fantastic weekend everybody
TITLE: ~*~ Februray Kits @ TES ~*~
DATE: 02/09/2008 10:50:34 AM

The February Kits are up for purchase at {the embellishment studio} and I think they must be my favourite so far. I am just so totally in love with anything vintage! The Kits sell out pretty fats, so you better be quick and I can only recommend a subscription to ensure you have your next Kit guaranteed. Who knows, you might even find one or two designs of yours truly in one of the upcoming Kits *whistle whistle*

I had been a bit unlucky with customs last month and received my {january hodge podge kit} last week, but it was worth waiting for. As soon as I opened it I had to start creating and managed two layouts and one card within a couple of hours.

Other than that - did you see the CHA sneakies over at the {rusty pickle blog}? Man, I SO SO SO love the {under the stars} collection - it is my firm favourite, followed by {game time} and {pop star}. The latter is the first line designed by my fellow Chef {rachelle}. Not only is Rachelle a super talented scrapper but also one of the nicest and sweetest ladies you'll ever meet.

Last but by no means least, I was mentioned by the wonderful {vicki chrisman} as one of the peeps who make her day. Now how cool is that?? I was seriously gob-smacked that Vicki would even think of little ole me! So, thanks very much chica, it means a lot and you certainly made MY day.

Now let me give you a shout-out of 10 bloggers who make my day

{chrystal} - she is the funniest blogger around. My week is not complete, if I haven't stopped by her blog at least once
{ree} - not only is she funny but her photo's are the most amazing ones around. In my next life I want to be her
{nat} - yes, she is my friend but she is also one of the most talented artists I know. She has a unique way of scrapping and I love that. It is amazing how many trends Nat starts, which are taken over by bib name scrappers, yet she never gets the credit for it - but does she moan about it? Nope. I love that girl!
{lori} - another really funny lady and she does the cutest cards ever
{donna} - I have been raving about this lady for months now, and I carry on because she rocks my world! You simply have to stop by her Etsy shop, I am addicted
{scrapperlicious} - just look at her awesome creations and tutorials and tell me you are not in awe

I can't really list anyone else - it's not that I am not liking any other bloggers but I have another 25 blogs on my blogroll of peeps who do make my day whenever they update their blogs - I don;t think it would be fair having to choose between all of them. A vast majority of them are my online friends from {scrapitude} and I refuse to choose one over the other, just not possible - I love them all.
Have a great and sunny weekend everyone
TITLE: ~*~ Pop! ~*~
DATE: 02/03/2008 06:50:06 PM
Ever wondered what really happens when you leave a can in the freezer??

It frickin' explodes....yeah, yeah - I know that's apparently common knowledge yet I have never known anyone who had that actually happen. Until yesterday morning.
On Friday Lyndon had a couple of beers and I had some white wine - somehow he must have forgotten one of the cans in the freezer and when I opened it on Saturday morning I was like "WTF??" {if you click oin the pictures, they enlarge}

Seriously it took me a couple of minutes to register what happened...and then I had to laugh and grab my camera. Just think what a can of coke would have done....eeeeewwwww.

I haven't been online much lately as a) I wasn't feeling too good and now I managed to catch another cold and b) I am still in a scrapping funk, and chatting with my friends online make me even more depressed.

But I am staying positive - it can only get better, right? Right!