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Old Typepad Posts - June 2008

TITLE: ~*~ Pimp My Layout and DUDE, how sick can I feel? 
DATE: 06/30/2008 09:22:10 PM
Saturday started out as a wonderful day - I had orders to pack, a few layouts I wanted to finish and a few deadlines to meet. I was so looking forward to a weekend of creating madness.

And it started sort of ok - I dug into my old stash and finally dared to use one of my most beloved papers, The Twist from the Amplified series of {american crafts}. It's kinda expensive at £1.60 a sheet and so I didn't dare to use it until now. And with the DT call going on for AC, I figured "heck, why not?" Yes, I will be submitting for the call and whilst I don't hold my breath I enjoy working with some older stuff now that I had tucked away.

Anyhoo - I had an idea for a layout and started working straight away. Once it was finished I was about to hurl and cry at the same time...I was soooo disappointed that I ruined my most expensive sheet of paper with one oh the crappiest layouts I ever made.

So, I went out and bought us some wine to drown my sorrows (hey, I never hid the fact that I AM a drama queen). 3 bottles for a tenner, which usually means one bottle each and the third one gets shared the next day. Both of us haven't touched a drop of alcohol for a little over two weeks and we expected to be get tipsy by our second glass...but no, under the influence I took the crappy layout apart and salvaged as much as I could and after half a bottle of wine, this is what I produced - I really love how this turned out!

Then I made some cards and we settled on the couch to watch some movies. All of a sudden we found ourselves in front of the computer searching through You Tube for our favourite videos. We had so much fun and kept topping up our glasses that we didn't even realise how much we drank. I am shocked to say that I downed TWO bottles of white wine...and I didn't even feel drunk or tipsy. So weird!

But let me tell you something - I PAID BITTERLY for my night of fun on Sunday.
I slept until about lunchtime, got up and decided I better go back to bed quickly before I collapse. My head was pounding like a freight train and my mouth felt as if I'd eaten a badger. Not to mention how sick I felt and I mean REALLY sick.
Serves me right - I deserved being punished in that way as I should have watched what I was drinking. I never recovered yesterday. I spent all day in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself - but at least I got a good layout out of it *snigger*
Oh and before I forget - check out the newest challenge on {scrapping the music}

Today I was thankful for
** flesh coloured tights - they sculpture my legs to make them look lovely
** not feeling sick
** Fernando Torres scoring the winner for Spain in the Euro Finals {what do you expect? He IS after all a Liverpool player, so I would want Spain to win it!!}

DATE: 06/26/2008 09:30:29 PM
I bet you though I forgot, didn't ya?? Well, I guess you'd be right about that - I have totally forgotten about my SOW and WOW {I love writing makes me giggle}. Over the last 10 days or so I had real issues remembering which day of the week we are on and for the last three days I could have sworn it was Friday - the term 'wishful thinking' springs to mind...

Anyway - let's not dwell on it and carry on swiftly to my Song Of the Week.

Before you have a look at this clip there is something vital you need to know about me - I am as shallow as they come. S-H-A-L-L-O-W big time when it comes to looks.
You know how everyone always says "Looks are not really that long as he is funny, understanding and sensible I don't care what he looks like"
When this video first came out the last thing on my mind was if any of those guys would be funny, or understanding - I just wanted to get lost in all that hair *sigh*

Seriously men with long hair get me ALL the time - I turn into a giggling teenager when a man with long curly hair looks at me - these dudes are just so, so dang 'hairy' and that was the SOLE reason why I bought their album way back then...I still have no idea what the song is about, whenever I see that video I hyperventilate and lick the screen.

But, in my defense my shallowness has improved WAY back from when I was a teenager - then I thought every guy who looked like a member of the Bay City Rollers was, please cut me some slack before you dismiss the following eye candy

Phew, I think I need a cold shower now....
Now, how can I follow that up with a fitting Word Of the Day?? Impossible, so I am not even going to try.

defenestrate\dee-FEN-uh-strayt\, transitive verb:
To throw out of a window.

I bet though if anyone can, the lovely Trace will probably come up with a good use for today's word.
Oh, and before I forget - you might want to make notes of the WOW's I have posted so far, because they might form part of contest I will be posting in July...and you can win a fab prize if you play along, too!
Now before I close I have to tell you just how amazed I continue to be at the generosity of {chartpak}, the mother company of {frances meyer}. Being on their Design Team is one of the best things ever...Not only are they incredibly supportive of their team but they sometimes send us stuff - just because.

Like a couple of days ago, their Creative Director asked us if we would have some use from some {ad markers}. Now I have been hunting all over the web for the {copic markers} and found them financially out of my league. So, of course I said that I would love to try a couple if I may.
Guess what arrived at my door today
One hundred different shades - just because...

Today I was thankful for:
** the generous gift from Chartpak
** having one of the best jobs EVAH, with the nicest colleagues and boss EVAH
** my wonderful online friends

TITLE: ~*~ So..... ~*~
DATE: 06/25/2008 07:00:50 AM

{cosmo cricket} obviously didn't like my projects for their DT call but I am not upset at all. I have stopped taking everything so darn serious. In the beginning when I went for every DT call that was published (and to tell you the truth there weren't that many around then) and I wasn't successful I really took it personal. Mainly because I was still very impressionable in those days and believed that you were only a "real" Scrapper if you had at least one DT position under your belt...yeah, I know - pathetic, hu?

Now that I I have "been there, done that" DT thing with both Manufacturers and Kit Clubs I am much more laid back and know the world won't end if I get a knock back. I also only ever submit for calls if I can seriously work with the companies product. So, the way I see it Cosmo Crickets loss it going to be someone else's gain...

Today I am grateful for:
** finding my misplaced keys again (even though I had to waste money on a replacement set two days ago)
** being string on my healthy eating regime and not get tempted by chocolates and cakes at work
** reading about {american crafts} DT call  *wink, wink*


TITLE: ~*~ STM #42 and Monday Musings ~*~
DATE: 06/23/2008 09:12:11 PM
First off the newest challenge is live at {scrapping the music}. This week we have gone a bit different and used a song without lyrics - what a fun challenge!!! Have a look at what the DT did and play along. There is a prize up for grabs this weekend!

I have been very productive this weekend and enjoyed every single minute of it! Most of it was done with the contents of the wonderful June Kit from {create my keepsake} - boy am I glad I have signed up for that club. So much stash you get *drool*. I finished three layouts and one card and still have stuff left over for about 3 more layouts.

 Talking about CMK, I did not make it any further in their {last scrapper standing} competition but I am not sad at all. After seeing all the other entries it was clear that I wouldn't stand a chance. Nevermind, there be other contests and competitions around, right?

A couple of months ago I read the book (the secret} after my friend {casey} told me about it and it had a huge impact on my life. Changing my attitude to being more positive had many good things happen to me and I even started a little book of gratitude. Every morning I would get up and say a silent "thank you" for all the things I am grateful for and I did the same before going to sleep in the evenings. Somehow I have lapsed in doing this, so I figured, every time I write a blog entry I should finish mentioning three things I am grateful for at that moment in time - just to remind myself how lucky I am.

Today I was grateful for
** Exceeding my target at work **
** sunshine **
** being healthy**


TITLE: ~*~ POW VI Winner & SOW - WOW VII ~*~
DATE: 06/18/2008 08:06:11 PM
Whaaaaaaaaaaaa - time is really running away from me lately. So much do to at work and so much do at home that I feel like a little roadrunner at the moment....
Anyhoo, first off I would like to say congratulations to {barbara} who was chosen by as my RAK winner for the {frances meyer chipboard}.

Kimmy What is that Skull/crossbones in the kit below? Our kids mascot
is the Pirates and they use the skull/crossbone I need one of those!

Congrats Nat on winning the rak! LOL! Your right Kimmy too bad you were not able to give it to her in person.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2008-06-18 18:39:17 UTC

Email me your addy chica and I pop some nice shapes for you in the mail :)

This lunchtime I had a wonderful surprise when I found out my altered chipboard frames made Project of the Day at {create my keepsake}. Oh and I also progressed to the second stage of their Last Scrapper Standing contest, so keep your fingers crossed for me, that this weeks challenge will see me progress through to round #3.
Speaking of CMK, I received my first Kit from them the other day and all I can say is RUN don't walk to sign up for their Kits: AWESOME value for money!

But no on to more important things, like Song Of The Week *snorts* - yeah, yeah you won't be able to escape it as I love ploughing through {youtube} looking for my faves. This week I have chosen a group of chicks who I love so much. Not many of you will know that apart from Rock Music my second fave music style is Country and these ladies have put the pop and funk into country big time.

{click here} to see the vid.

On to my Word Of The Day now, which I think sounds just totally out of there if brought up in a conversation:
verdure \VUR-jur\, noun:

Green; greenness; freshness of vegetation; as, the verdure of the meadows in June.

Now, somehow I cannot see myself talking like that, but then again...stranger things have happened

TITLE: ~*~ SAZ Summer 2008 and Workshop ~*~
DATE: 06/11/2008 10:05:06 PM
Just a quick post to brag about the new issue of Scrap Art-Zine, still the best German Scrapbooking Magazine around. Of course I am biased but I was already a fan before I was lucky enough to become part of their team.
If there are any Germans around in the UK who would love to receive a copy of this wonderful mag, let me know and I would be happy to stock some of them for you. Of course I don't mind if any another Nationalities would love to get their hands on a copy too but you might want to brush up on your German a wee bit ;)
I love the cover and can't wait to get my stinky little fingers on the issue....

You might recall that I have been raving about the time I had during the workshop that my friend {nat} taught at {scrapbook king}. Guess what?? She was kind enough to teach {andrea} and myself her new class in a private session the other day and it was so much fun!!! I learned so many new things and found out that I actually LOVE Prima Paintables can order a {workshop pack} from her blog in a couple of days for a steal €15 plus shipping  (£10).

You will get the materials and tutorials for the workshop. but as the tutorial is in German I would be happy to translate this free of charge for you if you decide to give this one a try. Once you have ordered and received your class kit, please let me know and I send you the translation if needed.
Below you can see the cover of my book - it is not completed yet, as I haven't made up my mind about the theme but you get the drift. The Prima Paintable page was done by using watercolour pencils and water soluble crayons (love 'em).

TITLE: ~*~ POW V Winner & SOW - WOW - POW VI 
DATE: 06/10/2008 09:03:30 AM
Just in time for the next POW {Product Of The Week} here is the winner of the book sheets from the last May post, courtesy of {random org}:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-06-10 07:24:42 UTC

This means; Congratulations to Nat!!!! {to think I could have taken those sheets with me last week....grmpf &- just kidding!}

Cannnnn't wait to seee you!!!!!Have fun this weekend!!!!

Now that we got that out of the way, how about some new music, hu?
My Song for this week is one I haven't listened to for ages but the video still brings a smile to my face these days - so inoffensive and just plain nice. The guys had to learn to play and sing backwards so that they looked as if they played "normal" when everything else in the background was going upside down and back and forth.

The brothers used to be to nicknamed the Timotei Twins because of their hair and it is pretty cool that they are actually the sons of {ricky nelson}....

This video can't be embedded, therefore if you wanna see it, you will need to click on {this link} - sorry about that.

Moving on swiftly, it seems that my Word Of The Day is pretty fitting with the Twins....
moiety \MOY-uh-tee\, noun:

1. One of two equal parts; a half.

2. An indefinite part; a small portion or share.

3. One of two basic tribal subdivisions.

Actually I already have an idea for a layout using that word....

And then there is the Product Of The Week, of course. If you are anything like me, you can NEVER EVER have enough chipboard in your ever growing stash collection, right? No matter how hard I try not to buy anymore, there seems to be one or two still falling in my basket every time I shop.
I really love the 8,5 x 11 chipboard sheets from Frances Meyer, which come in different flower patterns and Tags & Bookmarks. Each sheet comes with 6 - 10 different shapes and they are so fun to work with.
They can be purchased for the tiny amount of 65p {here} or you leave a comment under this post to be in with a chance to win one of these sheets....good luck everybody

TITLE: ~*~ I am baaaaahack ~*~
DATE: 06/09/2008 03:17:39 PM
What a wonderful week away I had - better than anticipated and it even seemed longer than it was without being boring. Total success I'd say.
The flight out to Germany last Tuesday was very smooth and I arrived at my parents' place shortly after 17:00hrs where my cute nephew and my brother were already waiting for me.
Next day was Mom's birthday and we went to one of our favourite restaurants to celebrate.
Then my friend Claudia came to visit and we spent the whole of Thursday pretty much outside, grilling and chatting. Of course there was no shortage of wine either - needless to say that I enjoyed every minute of my stay *snigger*
On Friday I made my way over to {nat} and shortly after I managed to get my incredibly heavy suitcase up twohundredfifty floors without a lift, {andrea} arrived as well. I was so excited to finally meet her as well and I can honestly say, she is just as sweet and lovely as you would think when you read her blog.

The three of us started to walk around the area where Nat lives and stopped at a Greek restaurant to get a little bite to eat. Then it was time to get ready for Nat's workshop at {scrapbook king}. The Owners, Jan and Anke are the sweetest peeps you can imagine as I was made to feel as if I was part of the family. Unfortunately for my wallet I set foot in their shop and bought lots of goodies. Check out that awesome skull wood album - I haven't seen that one anywhere else so far!

I got to meet some awesome ladies at the crop, who I have "met" on the {paperbraut} forum and it was such fun to get to know them better. {fienchen} and drea were the sweetest girls - even though they still had quite a way to go back home, they offered to drive Nat and myself into town (we are talking 1:30am....) Thanks girls, I hope we can meet up again some time.

The workshop was awesome, and I learned to many new things - basically because I totally messed my bits up the first time gave me the incentive to try again and now I can see myself using it all the time. We were introdcued to the wicked {shaving foam technique} and the {wrapping foil technique}, which were immense fun.

You can see what I managed to do with me second attempt at the shaving foam technique here and I am fairly pleased with the outcome. The image of the wrapping foil technique is actually Nat's creation - I made a couple of mistakes on mine and didn't have the time to do another one on the night and Nat kindly donated hers so I have a reference for the future.

We arrived back at Nat's around 2am and as usual stayed up chatting until 4am - how freaky that both of us were up and fighting fit only a couple of hours later! We got up at 8am and when Andrea arrived back at the flat we went for a walk around the shops again. I bought some awesome crayons and once I show you what you can do with them I am sure you'd want them too!

In the afternoon {liz} and her adorable kidlets arrived for a serious cupcake-munching session. Seriously, no none and I mean NO ONE makes cupcakes like Lady Liz does...heaven. And the salad she did for our grill session later on...bliss! We had so much fun, many laughs and I wish we could do this kinda thing every weekend *sigh*

And I mustn't forget to say a HUGE thanks to Jim, Nat's husband, the master Grill chef, who made sure that we all were never without any food on our plates. How he survived a house full of women who whipped out their cameras in excitement at every opportunity is beyond me, but he did - what a cool guy!

On Sunday morning I met some colleagues of mine from the Hamburg office and they invited me for some brunch, which was a welcome opportunity to catch up with all the gossip.
Then off to Hannover and back on the plane back home - which had an hours delay so by now I am totally and utterly knackered, but the last week was worth it all!

TITLE: ~*~ Farewell, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye ~*~
DATE: 06/01/2008 07:12:24 PM
Just one quick last post before I head off to Germany early Tuesday morning to see my folks and my friends {nat}, {andrea} and hopefully {liz}. I won't have the time tomorrow to update my bloggy or be online much as I will be busy packing *wooooohooooo*

I am so stinking exited - it sounds weird but I am even more exited than when I went to New York a couple of weeks ago.

So, yesterday and today was basically spent looking through my stash with the urge to create but I only managed to complete two layouts.

The first one shows my nephew - who I am going to cuddle in two days time - and I started and finished it last night when I couldn't fall asleep. The German title "Das Leben macht Spass....meistens" translates to "Life is fun...most of the times" and it reflects Brians two different moods in the picture.

Products: Papers - American Crafts ** Buttons, Tag - Rusty Pickle ** Plastic Alpha - Heidi Swapp ** Mesh - SkyBluePink ** Tiny Stickers - Making Memories

I bought those American Crafts papers from the Amplified series months ago as I loved their vibrancy but once I had them in my hands I found them overwhelming. So, what's a girl to do? Simple, I just started my Manufacturer A-Z Scrap Your Stash challenge again.

Last year I imposed this challenge on myself {here} and as I am in the same situation again; too much stuff and never use it enough; I felt it was time to start again.

This is were {american crafts} came into the occasion yesterday and there was no way out for me, I simply HAD to use the papers in order to proceed with my alphabet.

This afternoon I wanted to create but had absolutely no idea what photo or what memory so I took my (basic grey} papers, pulled one out that spoke to me the most and decided to scrap the first picture I take out of my photo folder - eh voila!
It came together just like that and i was plesantly surprised - it only took me 40 minutes all together from start to finish and I finally have a layout of the first flat that Lyndon and I chose together on the Island.
- click on image to enlarge -

Products: Papers, Rub Ons - Basic Grey ** Alpha Stickers - Chatterbox ** Mesh - SkyBluePink ** Tiny Stickers - Making Memories

Before I leave you, don't forget that you can continue to leave a comment until next Sunday underneath {this post} in order to be in with a chance to win a RAK.

See you all soon.