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TITLE: ~*~ New Do ~*~
DATE: 01/30/2008 07:50:42 PM
I treated myself today to a brand new me - and I am loving it!

TITLE: ~*~ Right Now ~*~
DATE: 01/25/2008 08:14:14 PM
So, the wonderful and amazing {donna} tagged me to tell you all about what am doing RIGHT NOW.

Dude - I am SO celebrating RIGHT NOW ~ with a bottle of wine and some crisps ~ on so many accounts. First off I have lost 9lbs within 3 weeks of HECK YEAH!!!!! I was aiming for 1lbs per week so I am really 6 weeks ahead, right?? Right!

Then I never talked about the pay rise received two weeks ago. All my hard work of last year was certainly rewarded and I am already working hard on getting even better this year.

Two days ago I came third in being employee of the week, for closing the most cases and I got the above mentioned bottle of wine from my boss for that. If you think, that out of the top three I was the only one who did not come into work during the weekend and the one who came second only had two more cases closed than me, I would say I freakin' rocked!

RIGHT NOW I am also celebrating the parcel I received yesterday from Papertrends. They did publish a Thank you card and tag in their mag and as "payment" not only did I receive the magazine twice, but also lots of scrapping stash...HOW COOL!!!

RIGHT NOW, I can't get enough of {these}wonderful buttons. I ordered two packs the other day and the picture just doesn't do them justice....seriously. They are so divine {and so big}, I want to mother them. They are like my babies and I can't even think about using them on anything...

Okay, I would like to know now from {jenn}, {sandie}, {casey}, {nat}, {trace} and {schulu} what they are doing RIGHT NOW

TITLE: ~*~ My first commission!! ~*~
DATE: 01/23/2008 08:30:52 PM

Yesterday one of my colleagues had her birthday and as she is a member of my team, I made her a birthday card. Every member of my team will get cards for their birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, etc and they all love them....probably because they have never seen really great cards...bwahahahahaha

Anyhow, lately I have been getting more into making cards again, which is down to the Divas at {srapitude} who provide us every fortnight with a brand new challenge to create something cool. So, I have more fun making cards, which shows in the end product.

But I digress - my colleague Kim (whose birthday it was) loved her card and asked me how much I would charge for handmade cards, to which I replied that it would depend on size and what was expected (simple or bulky). So she handed me £10 ($18) and asked me to make her as many cards as I would see fit for that amount.
She also suggested that I should let our whole department know that I make cards and have some spare ones on my desk, so peeps can come and have a look.

You never know, this commission might be the first in a long line

TITLE: ~*~ Love is in the air....GDT spot for grabs ~*~
DATE: 01/18/2008 11:09:09 PM
Do you fancy winning a Guest DT spot at {the embellishment studio} ? Well, then you better check out {this}contest. Especially you card makers out there SHOULD enter the contest - this will be right up your alley. And you simply cannot pass up the chance to get a bag full of goodies from TES, their Kits are such fun and full of gorgeousness!

TITLE: ~*~ Luvvely jubbly ~*~
DATE: 01/15/2008 08:12:50 PM
Finally my first Kit from {bring your own memories} and it was worth the wait! I just love the papers together with the Bazzill and the Amercan Craft thickers. There are only few embellishments with the main kit but that's cool with me - I was looking for a club which actually has papers AND cardstock with a few extra bits, and BYOM definitely fits the bill. And for $16.50 - that price is just unbeatable .
I have been stroking and hugging the papers already but Mojo hasn't appeared, so I guess I carry on stroking and follow Lori;s good advice to make Mojo jealous. Maybe I spent the next two weeks just schmoozing up to Lyndon and watch the telly...that'll get her thinkin;, right?

TITLE: ~*~ She's gone ~*~
DATE: 01/14/2008 08:03:18 PM
----- Mojo is missing.
If anyone has seen her, please return her to me - I am getting desperate and feel sooooooooooo dang lonely shifting through my stash without her sitting on my shoulder telling me where to place my embellies.
*whine whine whine*

TITLE: ~*~ TES January Kit 's up ~*~
DATE: 01/10/2008 10:00:30 PM
Can I say: drooooooooooooooooooooooooooool ??
Seriously you have to check out the {january kit} at The Embellishment Studio - isn't it pretty?? I am so in love with the ribbons and lace and can't wait to get my hands on it and create, create, create.

I also love that the Studio Girls have added some Grab Bags to the site now, where you can get a selection of gorgeous ribbons and lace at knock down prices. Just scroll down {here} to look and order. And did you know that you can already have sneak at the {february kit} as well?? Go on, have a look - but be careful that you don't salivate into your keyboard.

On another note, my first week of healthy eating went off to a good start because I lost a whoppin' 7lbs in go! HOLY CRISPY BACON, Batman - how cool is that? Now, I haven't starved myself or set out to lose that much. All I did was limit my intake of bread, cut out alcohol and crisps completely and substitute my lunchtime sandwich with a {slim fast} substitute milkshake. It is really yummy too!

Now all I need us to keep it up and not be too disappointed if I don't lose any weight next week or indeed put some on {which does sometimes happen when you lose so much in on go the week before}.
I am rewarding myself as a little incentive as well - for every pound I lose, I put £1.50 in the kitty. How cool that I already have £10.50 after one week! I haven't yet decided what I am getting with the money but it will either be some scrappy stuff or some new clothes.

I leave you with a layout that has been flowing around in my head for weeks now - I simply adore {christopher lee} as no one brought Dracula to life as convincing and sophisticated as he did. I remember when I was younger {and still today} that I wanted him to bite me, so I could be a Vampire....

: ** Papers - Danyeela {black}, Rouge de Garance {beige} ** Overlay - Hambly ** Chipboard letters - Pressed Petals ** Stickers - Rusty Pickle ** Lace - The Embellishment Studio ** Punch - Stampin' Up **

TITLE: ~*~ Yuk ~*~
DATE: 01/06/2008 10:55:11 AM
Now that was a great start to the year - the last week saw me just about plodding above the waterline as I was really poorly.
10 years ago I used to be a heavy smoker and whenever I got a cold in those days it turned into a heavy bronchitis, with me out of action for about 14 days. Since I stopped my colds were merely a little sniffly and a wee cough for about 3 - 4 days and then I was done.

But not so this time - when Lyndon's relatives came around after Christmas, they must have brought a bug over, because just one day after they left did I start to get fever and feel rotten.
To cut a long story short - the cold turned into a mild bronchitis but as I am not used to that anymore, I was knocked for six. I was off sick from work for almost a week, something totally unheard of.
And then last Thursday night I was struck down with yet another migraine on top - great! I must have been a really naughty girl this Christmas to have been given such lovely

But now, all is good - for the first time in over a week am I feeling fantastic and full of energy - I hate being like a vegetable, feeling sorry for myself. So, now it's onwards and upwards.

At least the last week assisted me greatly in my weight loss quest, as I really did not feel like eating much. That means the first dreaded days are over and done with...woooohooo.

I managed to get a couple of layouts done too, one of which was done due to a prompt from the wonderful {ali e}. As last year, Ali asked us to think of word which would be our mantra for the coming year and I enjoyed playing along last year, so what better to do then carry on the tradition.

For 2008 my word is MODERATION. I need to moderate so many things, like my spending, my time online and most of all my food intake. To me it is most inspiring to create a layout for "my" chosen word and have it on display in my craft room, so I won't forget. Are you playing along too?
Materials used: Everything is Rusty Pickle ->> Pickelicious Grandmother, Chocolate Kisses & Petite Cherub papers ** School Daze chipboard alphas ** Easter & Abstract Stickers ** Journaling Stamp ** Tag ** Pirate Princess trims ** Buttons **

Then I have to tell you about some fab customer service I received. When I ordered the other day from {angel crafts} I was not 100% happy with some aspect of the transaction. I emailed them my concerns and within 10 minutes the issue was resolved, without fuss. Now that's what I call fab service!
Don't forget --> there is a brand new challenge up at the {rusty pickle blog}. Join us with the chance to win one of the fabulous Rusty Pickle collections

TITLE: ~*~ 2008 only just started.... ~*~
DATE: 01/02/2008 09:07:24 PM
...yet I have already SOOOOO many things I wanna get off my chest.

First and most important of all I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. may 2008 bring you everything you wish for and more, laughs and joy and most of all health {I could certainly do with the latter *rollseyes*}

So, what's new for 2008?

First off I have decided to share some of my favourite tips and techniques with you. There are so many bits and bobs I have picked up over the years and to kick start the New Year, I wanted to show my step-by-step instruction on how to create a scalloped border on papers and cardstock. Now this idea was definitely not invented by me and I would give credit if only I remembered where on the web I have seen these instructions before....

If you do not have scalloped scissors or do not fancy drawing around a coin and then hand cutting your scalloped border, you can take your corner rounder punch from {ek success}and turn it into a wonderful second tool. *click on images to enlarge them*

Easy hu? I haven't mastered a perfect corner scallop yet, but that's something on my "things to learn in 2008" list.

Then I have succumbed an subbed to Monthly Kit from the U.S.
I haven't looked at subbing to a Kit since my beloved 2Jills club closed its doors and while I was tempted by many Kits, {byom} definitely had the best value for money. I mean, LOOK at the luscious January Kit....drool. Oh and I am not sorry to say that I managed to get my hands on the last sub starting with January "ner ner ner ner ner ner". Got my shipment notification today, so be prepared to not see much of me next week, when I will be rolling in my new obsession.

Imagine my surprise when I checked out my {inspo's}blog today and found out that I was the winner of one copy of {scrapbook dimensions}magazine. Thanks {gina}for pointing it out for me, otherwise I might have missed it.
Now I am getting ready for the start of {emily falconbridge's} class at {bps} tomorrow - can't wait to get messy! Maybe I see some of you guys there!


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