Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Online Scrapbooking Business For Sale

An excellent opportunity is available for a dedicated crafter who would like to earn a little money, while following her/his hobby.

I have been the Owner of {scrapitude} since 2005 and I just cannot put my heart and soul into it any longer. With a full time job, I find it too demanding spending much time on updating the shop, market the business and source new products.

This could be a fun venture for a Stay-at-home Mum/Dad and as the business is all set up you would not need to worry about starting from scratch: The website is up and running, wholesale accounts with UK distributors available and a substantial amount of stock on hand.

The domain is paid for until March 2010 (this includes the hosting of the website) as is Sponsorship on {uk scrappers} until the end of this year. The latter being an important Marketing Tool, where you are allowed to inform the largest online crafting community what is available to buy in your shop. With each post you make on the forum you reach thousands of possible buyers and I have to say that each post I make generates immediate sales.

If you are interested in purchasing the business, please do contact me via E-mail

I would of course assist you in transferring all accounts over to you, arrange for the stock to be packed up and delivered to you via Courier (unless you live in my area, then I would be delighted for you to pick everything up from my house). You would receive my help in finding your way around the website, etc etc

For the established domain, including Sponsorship costs, arranging for wholesale account transfer and my support and advice during the first three months I expect an amount of £200.00. Additional costs for the stock, including storage boxes, stacking trays for papers and cardstock as well as packing materials will have to be determined after stock take. Substantial discounts are available.

Have look at the site to get a feel of the majority of stock in store; however there are still a few items in my store room which have not been uploaded.

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