Friday, 23 October 2009

Quick Blog Rant

Ok so I have been blog-hopping a lot lately and there is one thing that REALLY REALLY makes me foam at the mouth:

Comment moderation AND word verification enabled at the same time.

Seriously guys...have one or the other - both are not necessary. If you are worried about Spam use the word verification, that is more than sufficient. I can understand comment moderation if you have experienced lots of crappy comments but if you have the moderation enabled why bother with the verification??

Yeah, I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a major thing but it just irks there... sue me


  1. i cannot stand that either...what is the big deal about the word verifcication anyway? i don't have it and haven't for at least a year and no"bots" havefound me...yet! lol..the one time word verif. i don't mind but when you have to click it 3 x's...grrrr

    lmao, i see your word verification at the bottom! bah!

  2. LOL... I hear ya. one or the other, make up your mind. I guess those are blogs I leave a comment on once and never again.

  3. I agree!....and I love that photo of the little girl - tee hee

  4. you're not alone there Kimmy... my other blog-hate is music that automatically plays, gggrr the amount of times that's woken up Robyn..

  5. TopCat76 said...

    you're not alone there Kimmy... my other blog-hate is music that automatically plays, gggrr the amount of times that's woken up Robyn..

    Oh don't even go there - I hate that too. I wish they would enable the "press to play" feature..

  6. Those are both of my pet peeves. When you are on a DT and visiting os many blogs it takes so long for some of those word verifications to load. I could have typed 2 more blogs in that amt of time. Music??? All I can say is most often your choice is not my choice and vice versa. That is why I don't have it on my blog.

  7. I completly aggree the time youve left your comment and verified everything the flamin page goes off half the time.....ggrrrrr
    I use none and if I didnt like a comment or anything I just send it straight to the bin!!!!
    Have a lovely week....:)

  8. I soooo agree with you!!! There are some blogs where you have to choose the carrier, then it takes you to your password, then back to the comment screen and then word verification....grrr....annoying :-).

    Kimmy....Thank you so much for your kind words....Aww, Im blushing :-)...You are to kind :-)

  9. Funny rant! I hear ya girl! Kuddos for you for saying it out loud!
    I better check to see if my does that... I have never left myself a comment, I am not sure how I set it up. Hmmm.

  10. Oh, das tut mir sehr leid, das ich dich also verärgere ;o)
    Die kleine Dame auf dem Bild ist drollig - und macht mir auch etwas Angst *g* - doch ich werde meine Einstellungen deshalb wohl nicht ändern....
    Freue mich aber jederzeit über deinen Besuch :o)
    Und gehe jetzt hier erst mal wieder ausgibig stöbern !
    Drück dich,


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