Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Some Odd Girl - June Release Pt I

The time has finally arrived - {{ Some Odd Girl }} kicks off its HUGE summer release with a selection of brand new images every two weeks from now until August. Yeeeeeehaw!!!!

Here is the first set - check back in a few days to see which stamp I have chosen to highlight this week.
Can you guess it? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Oh and please mark your calendars for 12 June 2010 -  you really do NOT want to miss it...because the ODDies have something speshal up their sleeves for you all

Here is a wee sneak of my card using one of the images from above - see if that helps you to determine which one it is :)


  1. I'm guessing you will feature waffle... but that's probably because my little ones are eating an ice cream as I write! Oh no, June 12th... on airplane that day... typical!! Love all the new digis and looking forward to seeing what all you odd girls do with them!! Robin

  2. eeeep. I totally dig your peek...

    SUP? LOL

  3. haha.... only see peak now.. def not waffle.... lol!

  4. bosenberries, 2 June 2010 21:30
    haha.... only see peak now.. def not waffle.... lol!

    Yeah, sorry petal....have another guess :)

  5. i choose swimmie mae! but that cone is just deee-lish!


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