Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Some Odd Girl - June Release Pt II

I am totally loving the new releases from {{ Some Odd Girl }} and what I love even more that right now, we are seeing a new set of stamps each and every fortnight...I am in digi stamp heaven right now *swoon*

The second Summer release is going live today and this is what's awaiting you...Yummy

** click on image to enlarge **

So, watcha reckon? Which is the stamp I have chosen to be the object of my desire this week?
Leave your suggestion in the comments box - you never know what may happen *wink wink*
Her is another wee sneak of the card I created using one of the above stamps...but which...


  1. Hmmmm... card looks mermaid-y!!! could it be Mermae????

  2. Thats a toughie Kim you rascal!LOL i agree with bosenberies,the sneak peek of your card does look like an underwater theme to it so i'll go for MerKaylee I've probably got it totally wrong but hey ho!

    Sal xx


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