Friday, 25 March 2011

Birthday treat

Mr P took me out for my birthday yesterday (even though today is the "proper" day - thanks to everyone who has left me well wishes on Facebook), as it is always so full everywhere on Fridays. we decided to go for a nice pub-crawl on the Thursday.

The weather was kind to us and if my stupid walking boots wouldn't have given me blisters it would have even been better...but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Every morning when I get up, I have to pinch myself because I am so lucky to be blessed with youthful looks. I mean seriously - do I look remotely like someone who turns 50 in three years time? No botox no facelifts or anything like that, just your generous helping of Red Wine or Beers on the weekends with a few Pizzas and chocolate thrown in, is all the beauty regime I need :))

But I digress - our day out was really nice, we left at lunchtime and got back home by about 20:00hrs, I fell into bed completely knackered from all that walking about an hour later and slept and amazing 12 hours (pretty much unheard of these days...the older I get the earlier I get up, usually muttering the word "I have to get up, my back is killing me"....yeah, I may look quite young but my body is telling me I am an old fart)

Today, I am re-charging the batteries and tomorrow - weather permitting - we are going to have another walkabout along the seaside while the sun is showing her face.

I leave you with a layout I created for the recent {{Sassafras Lass challenge}} to use blocking on your page...phew, tell you what I am not doing very well with having to use rectangles or squares in a set way to block a picture. I am generally so all over the place that this proved a real challenge for me. But I am super pleased with the outcome in particular considering it only took me two hours to finish this one.

** click image to enlarge **


  1. I just love your stitching ... my my my girl orange is just giving me more energy. Your layout is wonderful!

  2. Well, aren't you the lucky one! lol

    I ADORE this layout!!! Fabulous working of the Sass!!!

  3. Huhu Süße, dann möchte ich dir doch gern auch hier noch einmal alles gute wünschen. Und nein - du schaust wirklich nicht so aus, als wenn du bald 50 wirst ! Wünsche dir alles Liebe,
    Deine Pedi

  4. Love the layout Kim it has left me wondering why I don't scrap with orange as it looks so good.
    Glad you are enjoying your birthday weekend. Also you do NOT look you are 3 years off 50 and that comes from someone who is 3 years off 70!! Arghhh!!!lol!

  5. Happy birthday!!
    You don't look a day more than 29! Lucky you!!!!!

    Your layout is so cool. Love the colors and the stitching.
    Have a great


  6. Just stopping by to wish you a happy birthday Kim. Glad the weather was kind to you : ) Enjoy your birthday
    ps....just love your Twisted Sketches page, gorgeous!!! xx

  7. Happy, happy belated birthday, Kim! Sounds like you had a fabulous day, and yes, you look fantastic!
    Love your Sass challenge page. You did a great job with the color blocking, and I love the stitched circles and the misted background. Adorable banner and rosette, too, and the smiling face poking behind the photo totally makes me smile.

  8. oh i think your LO is wonderful! great job with the challenge :) and yup, you definitely don't look your age. i'm the opposite...have way too much grey hair and people think i'm much older! :(


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