Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I wish...

...that bloggers TAKE their blimmin' annoying word verification OFF. I generally try to comment on every blog I visit and to those who have left a comment on mine but I really don't have the time and patience to waddle through a plethora of verification words. If you are so worried about spam (which I never see on any of the blogs which don't use verification), enable comment moderation. It makes life easier for everyone.

...that car drivers in this country would have to re-take their license every year. The amount of motorists who SPEED LIKE HELL when the traffic light turns amber and subsequently run through a red light once they get there, is frightening. You simply CANNOT ever cross traffic lights when it shows green for you and you see a car approaching if you value your life. Drivers please remember - it is not always adults crossing the roads, children have no idea that you all seem to forget that amber = slow down.

...that I am still within a chance to get to the second interview stage for the job I applied for within our company. We were all supposed to hear whether or not we would be going forward by then end of last week, beginning of this. Hmpfh - patience is NOT my middle name

Now that I had my rant for the month, here's a layout I created with the contents from my {{March Kit}}. I love the look on Mr P's face....he is not impressed that his Nan is pulling him into the picture :))


  1. Love the layout! Hope you find out about the second interview soon! A rant is good for the soul...

  2. Everybody needs a good rant every once in awhile. Airs out the soul. :)
    Love your page, Kim! I totally adore those stitched circles and your misting. Great mixture of textures, and you are rocking the yellow. Those little monster cards are such a fun addition.

  3. Love the rant! Drivers in our closest town are the worst I've ever seen! EVER! I grew up in a larger city and these people have that beat hands down so I'm with ya! Good luck with the interview! Maybe they were just so blown away by your awesomeness that they passed out and time slipped away? ;)

  4. HeeHee... Love this one, too!!!

  5. oh great layering and i love the addition of the sassafras card...too funny!

    i am with you on the word verification thing, although i don't visit many blogs. also music. sometimes it's so stinkin loud it scares me lol!


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