Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Musings

We had a lovely weekend, Mr P's sister, brother in law and nephew came to stay and we really a had great time. Thankfully the weather played ball as well and we were able to have a nice walk along the coast yesterday. Of course it would not be a proper walk on the seaside if we hadn't indulged in some chips and on the way back stop off and get the famous {{Minghella ice cream}}. There is nothing like a bit of Rum'n'Raisin...yummo.

I also managed to get myself some real great bargains for my balcony - some totally cute bird ornaments for 50p each but the best one had to be this baby:
When I went to pay for the ornaments the shop assistant pointed the tea-light holder out to me noting that it was on sale and when I asked how much I fully expected her to say "£7.99" or something like that. Well, it was the princely sum of £1.99!!!! 
Yeah, I know!
At that price it would have been utterly rude not to buy it, right?
If you have a {{Nauticalia}} in your area, you should definitely go - I understand that all of them have sales like this happening.

Of course I had to start getting my balcony ready for the new arrivals, and I started to clean up the mess he last winter left. Here is my favourite corner at the moment (excuse the ladder in the background - we will have to find another home for it, as it bugs me there)

You may not think so but we do get birds to visit our wee bird table. Generally it is very early in the mornings but we have seen some later during the day too.

And you didn't seriously think that I would go a weekend without crocheting, right? Just in time for our visitors I put the finishing touches to my brand new granny stripe cushion.

Now please excuse me while I carry on the balcony and catch some rays at the same time - later on my stepper is calling out my name *sighs*

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend, Kim! How fun that you had visitors and great weather in which to do things in. We had a whopper of a storm come through yesterday, but today the sun is shining. I'm hoping to get out and enjoy it a bit. :)

  2. glad you had a good weekend :) your pillow is gorgeous! really really like those stripes :) and your balcony looks so fabby! wish i could come sit for a spell :(

  3. love the pillow! What yarn type is that?
    Oh we get lots of birds in our garden but like you only early in the day and towards the end of the day


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