Saturday, 18 June 2011

A re-cap

Where oh where did the last week go?
I blinked and it was over and done with - not only that, June is already half way through. Is it just me or does life in general seem to whizz by these days?

Anyway, I have a few pictures to share from the last week or two.

Mr P. and I enjoyed a log weekend last week as I took Thursday, Friday and Monday off. You see, it was the time again for the Isle of Wight Festival and the ferry I take to and from work on those days is HEAVING in a bad way with festival goers. So, I decided to stay home and what bliss it was.

On the Thursday, Mr P. and I decided to tour the Island a little, check out the places we haven't been to in a while (such as Newtown, which has a great population of all sorts of birds) and stop off in a couple of pubs along the way. Unfortunately it was a really windy day and not much fun to be out in, so after a disappointing trip to Newtown (not ONE type of bird to be seen) and an equally boring trip to Bembridge (our favourite pub had new owners and the previous awesome interior design was changed to a bright open plan area...yuk, yuk, yuk), we decided to call it a day and got back home.

At least we got one nice picture of us out of it - taken close to the Bembridge lifeboat station
The next day saw me working my behind off on our balcony, as the strong winds over the previous days meant that piles and piles of leaves were scattered all over my plants and the floor.
Two hours later, everything was spotless clean, nicely arranged and we looked forward to spend a nice evening on our balcony....yeah, right.
That's when the  bad weather hit us once again - all throughout Saturday it was extremely windy with scatters of rain and Sunday felt like the world is coming to an end. It rained NON-STOP from morning through to the night and the winds were at gale force.

Can you imagine how peeved I was when Monday morning greeted me with this view of my balcony?
As all the leaves were still wet, there was no chance for me to sweep them up on the day, so I hoped for a few more days of sun - but it was not to be.
We have had nothing but wind and rain since and right now my plants are drowning. Every time I want to go out and get rid of the surplus water in the pots, another shower hits...rats!!!!

At least staying indoors meant I could carry on scrapping and crocheting, both of which I did to the full :)
I have quite a few FP's to share, for today here is one I finished shortly before I went on my working voyage at the end of May.

Front of pillow case:
Back of pillow case:
The yarns I used were left overs, some are Stylecraft DK, some where a special baby yarn pack from Lidl.
The front pattern is the #35 Tricolour Square from the following book

Well, that's it for now - I will be spending most of this weekend finishing of some assignments (my Papermaze DT pack came the other day and I have been ITCHING to play) and take pictures of a few crochet FP's - two items of which will be available to purchase in my FOLKSY


  1. I hear yah, with that rain!! Great pic of you guys!!

  2. oh the rain is so annoying. your poor plants. ours died all then it was so hot and we were love love your pillow cases, so cool!

  3. We are suffering with the wind and rain too Kim so we haven't been out and about much either.
    Loving all your gorgeous crochet work. I still have to get to grips with crochet, I do have a book but it's not making much sense. Will have to watch some demos on You tube.

  4. Sounds like lousy weather for your long weekend. Bummer on that. But at least you had some fun crocheting. :)


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