Wednesday, 17 August 2011


You may recall me raving about Avon, right?
Well, I still love and use most of their stuff but have always found that their nail polishes were utter crap (and that is putting it mildly). Their nail hardeners are fab but the polishes never last longer than about a day before they start splitting or peeling!!

I tried may different polishes from Avon and I was disappointed with every single one of them.

That's when I found eyes, lips, face or E.L.F. (for short). Take a look at this, but beware: chubby sausage finger alert :)))

That is how only one layer of E.L.F. nail polish looks after seven days of typing, crafting and crocheting - not bad hu? There is no top coat, just one layer of E.L.F. and it only slightly started to fray at the top of the nail.
With Avon polishes, my nails looked like that already after one day AND I generally needed two to three coats to get close to the shade the polish claimed to be.

Now for the best part about E.L.F. - the price:
One bottle of polish (10ml)  is £1.50 - for REAL!!!!

I got myself a polish in chocolate, in nude, and a nourishing cuticle pen all for £1.50 each and waterproof/volumising mascara for £3.50

The products are of real good quality, and this way I can top up my nail polish collection without breaking the bank. Also, I am saving a LOT of money on the mascara now - I used to buy L'oreal Lash architect for £8.79 , with E.L.F. I can get two AND another nail polish for the same price (and have a little change left).

Do you have found any good deals lately, which made you happy?


  1. Very cool dealio! Cannot beat that price, that's for sure. I just recently discovered nail crackle polish. Put down a layer of whatever color you want, let dry, then add the crackle on top, which comes in different colors, too. Crackles immediately, and is so much fun. And for only $3 a bottle, that's a pretty good deal, too. :)

  2. i love the E.L.F. stuff! and here it costs $1, can't beat that :) haven't tried the nail polish yet, but now i will! loving that gorgeous brown you've got!


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