Friday, 4 November 2011

Happy Anniversary

wow....13 years of unmarried bliss, that certainly was reason enough for us to go out on a pub crawl yesterday.

One of our fave pubs on the Island is the Hare & Hounds (which is located only a few stone throws away from our most loved pub - you can see some pictures in this post - scroll down to entry Glorious Autumn 10/18/2008 ) and yesterday at around 16:00hrs it was completely empty, we were the only punters and LOVED that we just had the pick of the best seating area.

We did not take many pictures of the inside but to give you an idea how cozy it looks have a look-see

Mr P thought it was time for another drink

And I agreed, it would simply be rude not to participate in a round of beverages

Yup, we were enjoying our special day and are already thinking about the pub crawl for our 14th anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You are such a cute couple! :)

  2. Happy anniversary, came from the blog hop.
    Hugz, Z

  3. Here for the hop, glad you had a great night!!

  4. Love your little ball, plan on making it myself, thank you for sharing it. Happy Anniversary!

  5. You two are SO adorable!! Happy, happy anniversary, Kim!

  6. aww you guys are too sweet! happy anniversary!!


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