Wednesday, 30 November 2011

WIP's and a FROG

I have so many WIP's at the moment, it's not even funny...but I still keep adding more!

Currently I have packed away one WIP for a white/cream cowl (haven't taken a picture yet though) as I ran out of yarn and am awaiting delivery, so I can carry on - so naturally that meant I had to start on something else, right?

Well - can you guess what these fella's will turn into?

But there is more, oh yes and you are not going to believe your eyes....

Yup, you see that right - I.Am.Knitting.
I know, I kinda shocked myself when I decided to give it another go.
So far it's looking good and hopefully it will fit me in the end.

Recently I ended up frogging almost every project I did - like the yarn I am using for the knitted jumper above - I spent two weeks crocheting a lovely lace vest, only to wear it once and finding it extremely uncomfortable.
It looked fabulous on the hanger but the 100% cotton wool made it too heavy and too stiff, so it was very awkward to wear. But the jumper should be ok (fingers and toes crossed).

And I also  frogged this scarf (was too wide and too long)

I had the idea to make a lap blanket from the yarns and ended up with about 120 squares to be joined

Guess what..
Yah, I frogged them shortly after. 
Somehow the blanket did not come together in the way I expected it.

Mr P said to me the other day "I think you mainly enjoy the process of making things but don't care too much for the end product. You love unravelling and starting again"

I think, he has a point - I am always sad when I come to the end of a project and when I am not 100% happy with it, I start again.


  1. I don't know how you do it. I HATE anything with crocheting, knitting, embroidery, hand sewing...noticing a pattern? I just recently fell in love with my sewing machine (which I've had for a couple years now...) only because it does the work for me! I bet these finished projects will be awesome though!

  2. you are too funny! i think your circles will turn into....a pile of raveled crinkly yarns lol! then you'll make them into something fabulous :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow!! Totally speechless here at all your projects! You are amazing, my friend!


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