Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Ok, I admit that I have been extremely lax about posting on my dear old bloggy, but as I said previously HERE in 2012 I focus on getting the priorities in life back on track.

Whilst I am not doing so good with the healthy living due to some unforeseen issues involving possible surgery during the year, on the "I am cutting down on internet time" is going swimmingly.
I have to admit that the latter is thank to the most wonderful and most understanding manufacturers ever, who agreed to release me from my contract early.
A mega THANK YOU goes out to Donna Salazar Designs and Gel-a-Tins stamps.
I tried so hard to continue with my projects until April but I have not been able to create anything since December (yup, the stuff you have been seeing on my blog for the past months is old :))) )

There is no passion left whatsoever for my old obsession and I just know the time is right to stop it altogether now. 

To be honest, it has been so rewarding not working to deadlines not having to venture into my craftroom every spare hour I had. Nowadays, Mr P and I do so much more together and I am so much more relaxed and happy.

So, I still crochet and knit and I will still share some posts here on my blog, but other than that my online time is done, and I am loving it :)

FOCUS 2012 is a go-go and I know only good will come off it.


  1. Hope you're ok Kimmy, surgery later this year? Yikes! Loving the picture, have a pint for me please xxx

  2. I'm so happy for you that you have new-found peace for your life and the direction you would like it to go. Wishing you nothing but happiness, my friend! I'm SO glad we re-connected last year. Best of luck in everything, including that possible surgery coming up this year. Toodles and ((hugs))

  3. I missed your original post and have only just read it. I totally understand where you are coming from and sometimes I feel the same, maybe oneday I will go the same way! Good luck with the possible surgery and I am glad you are enjoying your newfound freedom!! :)

  4. good luck on the surgery front, yikes! i will so miss your scrappy posts but totally understand...and if you wanna get rid of your stash, feel free to mail it out to me lol!

  5. No wonder I didn't see you around in our DS group! Well whatever you have decided I wish you all the best and hope to see you scrap soon! You are awesome scrapper!


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