Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

In case you were wondering - yes, I am still crocheting and knitting but for the last couple of  months have never taken the time to really take pictures of the progress or in fact the end result.

Most of the time my FP's merge straight into my everyday use, that I forget I should really take a picture. But sometimes that is actually a good thing because a lot of my FP's get frogged after a wear or two and end up being something totally different...but more about that in detail another day.

Let's see what I have on my hooks'n'needles right now.

First I am blocking the back part of a cabled vest, the free pattern can be found here 

I never used to block any of my knitted or crocheted projects before but for 2012 thought I give it a try seeing that everyone who blocks, states that is makes the garments look so much better.

With the left over yarn for the above vest, I started to crochet a number of squares which I am going to turn into a light scarf and it is quite obvious to see the difference between the blocked and the unblocked square:

Last year I would have just stitched the unblocked squares together and be done with it, but not anymore.
The only thing that bugs me to no end about blocking is the time it takes - at least 24 hours after you pinned and I am not the most patient person in the world.

The pattern for the above block was taken from the following book:
Source: Amazon

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  1. Lovely lace/cables on that vest back. Blocking is the way to go with anything you knit or crochet. It really brings out the pattern.

  2. That vest is looking good! I almost never block anything... silly maybe? Those squares are neatly done, they will be a lovely scarf!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice 'meeting' you:)

  3. I never used to block things too then Christmas this year I had to block a scarf because it was curling and now I think I'll block everything :)

  4. Pretty vest! I'm definitely into blocking, especially where anything lacy is involved!

  5. To be quite honest, I have never blocked any of my stuff, but I after visiting your blog I think I need to definitely give it a try - looks great.


  6. Blocking definitely helps with garments and with many other projects too, as your squares pictures demonstrate.

  7. I now block all of my knit and crochet items but I totally agree with you on how hard it is to wait for them to be done!!

    I love the color on your vest and the pattern is soooo pretty. I think I must make one for myself!

  8. I've never blocked anything (I mostly make amigurumi so...not so much blocking needed ;)), but I know that when I felt or dye stuff, the waiting-for-it-to-dry part is torture! Worth it, though---the blocked square really is prettier, and I love the way that vest looks.

  9. Lovely projects you've got going, Kim. I don't understand the terminology, but I really can see a difference in your blocks. So very cool. Glad you're having fun! :)


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