Monday, 5 March 2012

Crochet Art - Joana Vasconcelos

Art is a strange thing - what appears to be totally exciting to one person can be so revolting to another and next to religion and politics, I think art divides opinions to an extreme extend. Only difference is that everyone accepts that art is a matter of opinion and happily engages into constructive discussions about it, yet for religion and politics this is never going to  happen.

So, while you will never find me openly blogging about my view on politics and religion, I am more than happy to give my opinion about which art makes my heart jump for joy.

My interest in art mainly restricts itself to painters and I think it has to do with my Dad's love of painting. He pretty much brought me up with the classics of every era and area. While I like Turner, Constable, Van Gogh and Monet my most loved artist ever is Gustav Klimt. His iconic painting The Kiss had me captivated the first time I set eyes on it. It is my favourite painting of all time - why, I don't know but that is the great thing about art: there is no right or wrong, whatever appeals to you is the bees knees :)
Image from: Amazon

I just love that his work is SO different from everything else.

But I digress, I was talking about art in general and lately Crochet Art has recently hooked itself a place in my heart.

I absolutely adore what Joana Vasconcelos is something I would be excited to have on display in my house, for sure.
Just have a look at some of her gorgeous designs.

Now, wouldn't those be cool as ornaments?
Images taken from: Craftstylish

Fancy a little play?
Image taken from: Womansday


  1. You have great taste Kimmy, I adore Klimt. We went on a trip to Liverpool in 2008 just to see an exhibition of his there as I'd never seen any in real life before. It was awe-inspiring!

  2. Wowzers, what amazing creations. SO creative and unique. Things I woulda never dreamed up in a lifetime. TFS!

  3. i have to admit i've never heard of klimt (sorry!) but i realllly like that painting!! and the crochet stuff is just amazing...except the crabs, those creep me out lol. thanks for turning me on to such fun stuff!


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