Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy Birthday to me

What a  glorious sunny day today is going to be - no wonder, seeing that it is my birthday.
Aside from being woken by a few rays of sun peeping through my window, I have already been spoiled be th wonderful Mr P who knows me so well...

Look what I squealed over this morning
Yup, Mr P chose those three books for me and after the first flick through them I am in heaven :)
Well, I have to admit that I emailed him a wishlist of all the books I marked on Amazon, which were around 20+, but he really chose the ones I had my eye on most.

As for the chocolate, oh man - Galaxy is the best in the world, even better than Nestle and it has become somewhat of a tradition that he gets me a big bar every year. But three bars?? One one of them Cookie Crunch..things that make you go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhh.

I was also so happy to get a card from my long standing online friend Julia - she always remembers my birthday and sends me a handmade card, I feel very blessed.

So, what have I got planned for the rest of my special day?
Actually eat the pizza we had prepared for last night and finish of my wine - I was so knackered yesterday that I struggled to stay up longer then 20:00hrs!!!!

I will also finish up giving our balcony a spring clean - I started yesterday and all that is left now is to start planting new flowers and get rid of the garden waste.
Once that is done we can sit outside for a while and enjoy the sunshine.

Happy Birthyday to me, I am loving this day already


  1. Have a great day Kim!! Hope the sun shines so you can sit outside with your mags, choccy and wine!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kim. Hope you have a great day! BTW have you tried the Galaxy cookie crumble cake slices.......gorgeous!!! xx

  3. Happy Birthday Kim. How could I forget my lovely online friend's birthday.Hope you have a wonderful day enjoy you chocolate and look forward to seeing your next crochet project. xxxx

  4. Happy birthday! Such lovely gifts!

  5. Happy, happy birthday, sweet Kim! Hope the rest of your day goes as wonderfully as the start. Enjoy every moment of your special day!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope your day ends as nicely as it began.

  7. Da möchte ich mich doch schnell mal einreihen und dir ganz herzlich zum Geburtstag gratulieren ! Hab noch einen super schönen Abend.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  8. Oooh, I've just been given the Wearable Designs book to, isn't it brilliant? Thank you so much for the great idea for using my soldier ribbon, I took your advice and it worked brilliantly.


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