Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Crochet Love - Lace garment

You may have noticed that currently I am on a drooling expedition...looking around the www for some cool inspiration as to what I could feasibly crochet myself in the coming months/years.

The other day I came across this cute lace garment and I am totally in love with it.
image taken from: http://www.asia.ru

I can't get the image close enough to make out the exact stitches, but it looks like some sort of flower/granny pattern. Shouldn't be too difficult to make up my own version though, as I have quite a few Japanese patterns downloaded.

Not sure if I would go for the beige colour or rather do something bright. What do you think?

Oh and I found another similar garment, which I think I love even more, lookey:
image taken from: 4.bp.blogspot.com


  1. Oh wow, that is one intense project, but I'll bet you could design your own, no problem! You should definitely make it in that pretty antique lace color too. My favorite is the second one, there is something about the flowers, so pretty!

  2. Wow those are both totally gorgeous and I would love either of them or both! I have to say personally I would prefer the beige or white but then I am very dull and don't wear lots of bright colours :)

  3. Oh wow, they are gorgeous! I love the floral shoulder details on the second one. Personally I think they look stunning in the neutral colour, it keeps the focus on all those beautiful stitches.

  4. Holy Cow! How beautiful these both are! Jaw dropping! I personally love the cream.....SO elegant!


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