Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Journey has ended

** Photo heavy post **
contains vintage nudity 

The good thing about being a card maker is that you always have a card at hand for every occasion, especially birthdays. And it is very rewarding when you know that your nearest and dearest keep all of the cards you've sent over the years.

The bad thing about being a card maker is when you have hit a slump, a complete lack of inspiration and your stock of cards has diminished. Then you actually have to take the walk of shame to the (dare I say it) card shop (gasp) and buy-a-card (gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh) 

As you may recall, I stopped all paper crafting pretty much at the end of last year (the projects I showcased since then were new to the blog but all created in 2011) as there was no mojo left. And there still is no desire of drive to actually pick up where I left off.

So, during the Easter weekend I took a huge empty basket and filled it with all the products I haven't used or even looked at for at least a year. That got rid of about 60% of all my stash and I handed it downstairs to the charity shop. They were delighted, which made me happy.

All other bits and bobs that I have kept have gone into a big storage box which will live on top of our wardrobe. If I have not reopened this and made use of any of the products within the next six months, they will also go to charity. This is actually the way in which I get rid of all surplus stuff that I am not using, be it hobby related or clothes - once a year I go through all my shelves, wardrobes, etc and look for things I have not touched in a while: they go into a box with the date marked on the top. The next time I have a clean out and I come across those boxes, everything that's inside will be given away. 

Anyway - getting our hobby room back into a space where you can actually see the walls inspired me to pick up my minimal supplies I have readily available and I made a card for an impending birthday. You know what? I am glad I am giving all my stuff away because I am not feeling the paper crafting anymore. The card I created is nothing I am proud of, it is ok-ish but I am not loving it.

This bad boy has sealed my paper crafting fate - it is over :((((
Now, please don't get me wrong - I am not posting this to fish for compliments, heck no! I am posting this to  bring it home to myself that my paper crafting journey has come to its end: we had eight wonderful years together but for now we are going separate ways.

If you have the time, who not join me on a reflection of this journey to show you how I have now come full circle. The cards I have chosen are the ones I have liked best during the particular year.

close your eyes NOW if vintage nudity ain't your thang and scroll on 


  1. Wow, just wow. Those are beautiful! You were able to get so creative with them. I also really love the way that you are looking at it, as the end of a journey. Any ideas on what hobby might take it's place?

  2. I get it, Kim. I really do. Paper crafting was a big hobby with you for a long time, but right now you're totally ready to move on, and that's ok. Maybe years from now, you'll re-visit your old passion, or maybe you won't.....and either way, it doesn't matter. Just fill your life with what you love and you will live a very fulfilled life. I'm just glad you did journey into papercrafting so that we could meet. I never would have met you otherwise. And I'm so glad I did, as you are a treasure, my friend!


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