Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Movies we watched in March

Another month and another run down of the movies which we enjoyed  in March.

This movie is so clever - the way the kids act is fabulous and it helps that the songs make this one of of my top five musicals.  I used to have  major crush on Scott Baio...

Another Charlie Sheen movie for my collection. I like movies that are based around conspiracies and this one is really good. Even though I twigged straight away who the baddie was, I still liked it a lot. The movie went at a fast pace and was not drawn out.

My favourite Sheen movie ever....not a lot of action per se, but a kind of buddy movie. I adore the way the prisoners do their "shuffle", so cool.

Of course, we cannot let a month pass without getting our Burt Reynolds fix during a pizza and wine night. A star studded movie about an illegal car race. So funny and the bloopers running through the end credits alone are worth buying the DVD.

To us this is the best comedy of all time - consider that this was done in 1933, we still laugh our backsides off every time we watch it. Actually I could watch this every month and never get bored with it. Hang on, I think I actually DO watch this once a month....Laurel and Hardy are the best comedians full stop.

The X-Men
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Just two words sum up why I love this movie: Hugh Jackman.
I mean, really....who would not want a Wolverine on their side? And it helps that Patrick Stewart is the main honcho. But seriously - a grand Movie adaptation of the Marvel comic

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Another Marvel Classic. Genius choice of cast as no one else would have worked as well as the lovable geek as Toby Maguire. CGI is done extremely well too

Spiderman 2
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The best out of the Sam Raimi trilogy - he done Spidey and Marvel so proud with his adaptations.
There are so many great moments in this movie. First off the villain - Dr Octopus, absolute stunning CGI work. Then my top three comedy moments:

  • Spidey in the lift talking about the suit
  • Peter Parker walking along the road to "Raindrops keep falling on my head"
  • Spidey with a bad back setting off the card alarm


  1. Looks like a great list of flicks! TFS!

  2. Woah you watch a lot of movies, sounds like a blast!


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