Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIP Wednesday - BreAlly Yarns

I have quite a number of blogs (crochet and knitting) that I follow, one of which is Crochet Concupiscence. To be honest there are not that many posts that I actually read on there but I love it for the links to other bloggers. Most of my subscribed blogs I have found through CC and for that I am ever so grateful.

The other day, CC had a review of BreAly Threads and I was taken by the wonderful colour ways offered in Brenda's store.

I simply had to order two skeins of the Cheyanne Colourway and within four days I had the skeins in my greedy little hands
The yarn looks absolutely delightful but I am being honest, I hate working with it.
I had no idea just how stiff and scratchy it would be and how thin it is (harder and thinner than embroidery floss) so I am a little disappointed.

I had five WIP's started with this yarn including the above which I intended to become a summer lace scarf but I am not feeling it. I tried using both threads together, tried ace pattern, solid patterns, using a 2.0mm, a 3.0mm and a 3.5mm hook but nope, BreAlly Yarns and me will never become lovers, ever.

If any of you out there want the yarn just post a comment and I will draw one of you to win them . I am confident there must be someone out there who can love this thread as much as it should be loved.
Oh, and I do ship international.

Now, for some WIP's that are loved and which will bring their creators some joy, check out Tami's Blog


  1. I totally understand why you would buy that yarn on sight, it looks so beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen a colorway quite like that. It is such a shame it is not fun to work with. You should find yourself the smooshyist and softest yarn you can find in order to make up for the icky yarn.

  2. It is beautiful so such a bummer it is no fun to work with...

  3. So sorry the yarn is such a bummer to work with especially with it having such a unique colourway.

    Maybe some super crochet lace would work with it.

  4. how about a bright doily? its such gorgeous colours, or maybe a set of drink coasters?? I'd give it a go.

  5. Awe. :( Sorry to hear your fling with this yarn didn't turn out. I can't imagine working with something finer than embroidery floss! Holy cow!

  6. So sorry the yarn was a disappointment, Kim. That sucks!

  7. Too bad the yarn did't work for you when it has such beautiful colours!
    I'll join your giveaway just beacuse I love the colour ;)


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