Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP - Tadpole Socks

I am so excited that my sock-knitting adventure is going better than I anticipated.
Currently I have the {Tadpole sock} on my needles and seeing that I had all this lovely red and orange yarn to play with, a pair of bright socks was really a no brainer for me.
In all honesty, I never thought I would take to the pattern that well, but it is so easy!
My first sock was completed within three evenings and I just started the cuff of the second one.
I am now on a mission to complete one pair of socks each month...well let's see how well I fare with that one

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  1. Those are so bright and colorful! I bet they're super comfortable too!

  2. Isn't the Tadpole pattern a joy to knit? I finished a pair of those socks earlier this year and I just love the pattern. I really like the color way you used for this, very pretty!

  3. Such pretty socks - bright colors and nice pattern. I've add the Tadpole socks to my favorites.

  4. Amazing---such a cool pattern, and your yarn choice is perfect! So bright and cheery and awesome.

  5. Oh, those are absolutely adorable, Kim! Love the pattern and love the bright colors!

  6. Oh my goodness I LOVE yours socks. Fabulous colours!

  7. Oh those socks are awesome! The red and orange color combination is fab! You make me want to dig out my two years in the making socks and actually finish them now :)


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