Sunday, 11 October 2009

Meet: Lady Strange

I have a new friend - She is so cute and so cuddly and I wubs her immensely.
She is a sock chick and She is was created by my buddy {trace}.

When Trace first starting making sock toys, I was drooling all over her creations from day one and one day she mentioned this sock toy which she was working on - saying it would probably be something I'd like. All Trace needed to say was "safety pin" and "tattoos" and I bought the toy unseen.

Isn't she a beauty? I just love her her wee tattoos (the arms spell rock chick...) and her punky outfit. She is so me, dontcha think? I love that Trace also gave her the name Lady Strange - she ploughed through Def Leppard songs to find the one that would be most fitting - now how is that for customer service?

If you are looking for a fabulous gift, like some "socking" filler (bwahahahahahha, I am so freakin funny....), email Trace, she does commissioning work and will get out of her way to create the prefect "sockie" for you.

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