Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Avon - Top Pick for October WIN IT

When I decided to become an Avon Rep one of my first "missions" was to try the product I was about to sell. I am a person who cannot knowingly gush about something and say it is so fabulous, when in fact I have not used it myself. So, over the last two months I used so many different products, that I would class myself as a walking Avon catalogue by now *grins*

There are products which I am indifferent about and if you'd ask me about them directly, I would tell you the truth. But I am not here to knock anything, I am here to share which products I think are totally rocking the house down - and believe me, over the past weeks I have found that 95% of the product I used is the best I've ever had in my hands.

Every month, I will tell you about my favourite pick for that month and every month one of my online customers will win the Top Pick. Sound good? Then read on - even if you don't order from me, you might find my picks interesting.

For October, I have chosen to showcase the {advance techniques mirror shine spray} which is my most treasured hair product at this moment in time. For years I have been trying to find a spray that would make my hair shine without making it greasy, or without looking like I poured a gallon of silicon over my head. When the spray was offered in one of Avon's many Sales, I thought I give it a try.

Boy, am I glad I did - this totally does what it says on the tin - need a little boost, because you have a bad hair day? Spritz it on!! Think that your hair just looks dull and go do with some oompfh? Spritz it on!!
The shine is UNBELIEVABLE without looking fake and in particular on bleached hair like mine, you will find it hard to get any form of shine to stay...but not so with this beauty.

I found that spritzing it on one day, still leaves a shine for approximately three days - and I cannot stress enough that this spray will not make you hair feel greasy or sticky and you will find no residue on your clothing or pillow either. It seems to nourish my hair as well - since I have been using this spray my hair has become softer, more manageable and less dull. I only use the spray once a week these days and the hair still shines...awesome, I think

So, every order that I receive for Campaign 16 (which starts tomorrow and has no minimum order value), will be entered into the draw to win the full sized bottle of this spray (RRP £4.00). Last order day is the 20th of October and I will be offering a few more giveaways before that date, so be sure to check back.

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