Monday, 28 December 2009

2009 - A Reflection

So, with 2009 almost out of the door, what where the highs (and lows) for me this year?
I pretty much to the same thing day after day, month after month - so there was not that much excitement to be had.

As for the lows, I guess the main one was the attitude of people in general and how it changed. Working in customer services, I found that people were more willing to verbally abuse you if they didn't get what they wanted, waving the "but it's a recessions you know, you should be grateful I am still your customer" in your face. It got to me (and my colleagues) during the year - there is only so much shit you can take...and it is usually the customers who have no grounds that swear, shout and rant at you. The ones who have a good case, are generally the nicer ones...go figure.

Other than that - I was a pretty darn lucky chick during 2009.

I lost 3stone in weight within 10 months (this is the healthiest way, as you are more likely to keep weight off if you loose it steady) and slimmed and toned my body down from a UK size 16 (Europe 44) to a UK size 10 (Europe 38). Actually some of the size 10 pants are getting loose now and I had to buy myself some size 8 now I am in the fantastic position that I HAVE to eat some fatting food in order to not loose too much weight. Yeah, I am thrilled to bits with my weight loss - that was the greatest thing to happen to me in 2009.

For the crafting side of things, I am blessed to be on the Design Team for three awesome companies: {upsy daisy designs}, {my stampbox} and {scrapmuse}. I could not be happier with the product I receive and I am already looking forward to all the new releases for 2010.

Now - let's move on to Entertainment of the year
Well, my album of the year has to be this baby:

Ok, Ok, so it was released at the end of 2008 but I only bought it in 2009 and it hasn't left my iPod, since I bought it from {iTunes} in January - I *heart* it so much :)

As for books - I have fallen in love with the Women Of the Otherworld Series by {kelley armstrong}

TV shows - there was only one for me this year, which I truly loved: {wallander}. But I am not talking about the remake with Kenneth Brannagh, nope - I am loving the Original, which is shown in Swedish but with English subtitles. It's brilliant!

And I guess that's it really for 2009 - as I said: nothing spectacular occurring, but I am intending to make 2010 a year full of excitement. There will be changes of some sort but all for the better, I am sure.

Oh and I leave you with my "hottie" of 2009 - I have to say, my dear old {joe} had to make way for this {fella} least I am keeping it with the same band :). One of my fave songs I played this year *swoon*

Have a blessed New Years Eve and I see you all in January for the reveal of the winner of my Super RAK.


  1. ahhh - love your Jahresrückblick :)

  2. Here's to 2010! Happy (almost) New Year, Kimmy! May it bring you everything you want and more :)

  3. Glad you had such a great year. I'm sure that 2010 will bring you ever greater hapiness.

  4. Oh ja, mit den Kunden sprichst du mir aus der Seele !
    Wow, wie du das mit deinem Gewicht hinbekommen hast. Meinen vollsten Respekt und Hochachtung dafür !
    Ich wünsche dir ein super tolles Jahr 2010 und hoffe ein ganz wenig im stillen, das wir uns irgendwie wiedersehen !
    Lass dich drücken,


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