Friday, 15 January 2010

Links that ROCK - {one way or another}

Over the last couple of weeks I have come across a few links, which I would love to share with you. There are some gems amongst of which made me cry out "why-oh-why did I only find you now??"

If you love anything Vintage, you just cannot get by without visiting **The Graphics Fairy**. Karen has got the most amazing Vintage Clip Art available...I was in tears of joy the first time I came across her blog - the possibilities of adding the images to my cards and scrapbook pages.

Do you love **You Tube** ? Do you sometimes wish you could simply download the vidz and watch them over and over again?? Well, help is at hand **GoGaGo** have developed a You Tube downloader which also converts the download directly to your iTunes library if you wish. You can download a trial version for free but in all honesty, I think the $29.99 is money well spent. There is so much stuff on You Tube which you simply cannot get on DVD or CD and I probably downloaded three times the fee's worth already.

Then there is **Lifehacker** - a true must have for everyone wishing to get the most out of their computer and pretty much out of every day life. There are some many fun tips (most of which cost you a big fat nothing), one of which enabled me to find the recent address of a person I have been looking for for years (nothing weird or stalker-like going on here...I promise :) )

Do you like yourself challenges with a twist? Then check these two blogs out - I was delighted to learn about **Gutter Girlz** through my DT Teamie **Kirsty**...I so love their approach on being different with their challenges. And only recently have I found **Creative Therapy** - they will so become one of my faves for 2010, I just know it.

Last but by no means least...if you love your 80's/90's Hair Metal as much as I do, then you simply HAVE to check out **Mama's Fallen Angels** and **Hair Metal Mansion**. I feel "understood" there and don't have to explain who **Trixter**, **Little Caesar**, **Britney Fox** or **Bang Tango** are - because they all know. It's Hair Heaven ~sigh~


  1. How fun! Love the link list- thanks!

  2. Oh dear!!!! I've just spent a couple of hours on Hair Metal Mansion watching the vids! Thanks for the link :)

  3. thanks for the linka and all the eyecandy here!!
    especially the shots of this beautiful couple!! ;)

  4. thanks for the links! and hey, i know who trixter is :) saw them in concert even


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