Tuesday, 12 January 2010

myStampBox - DT January, Pt II

It is getting chillier now and you know what? I love it - ok not truly, madly, deeply loving it but I much prefer the cold to the warm weather. I love the snuggling up on the sofa, having the fire going and a nice hot cup of cocoa...bliss. Now, if we could actually have SNOW with the cold here in England that would be even better but alas, you cannot have it all...

But enough of that - let me point you in the direction of the wonderful {mystampbox blog}, where I will show you in a few simple steps how to prepare such a cute gift container. The idea was certainly not invented by me, but some clever ladies over at Splitcoast Stampers started this container craze. However, they are super fun to make and so quickly done.

Papers: Teresa Collins
Stamps: myStampBox - Gelegentliches; Happy Birthday (small box)


  1. Gorgeous project Kimster - and are you joking you love the cold weather but wish we had snow... what planet are you on, the UK has had snow all week!!!!!!

  2. honey, you want snow, i'll airmail you about a ton of it from my yard!

    love the little sour cream container!

  3. Well ok guys - this undoubtedly proves that I schedule most my posts ahead of time...he he

    When I wrote this post at the beginning of December, I had no way of knowing that we would actually be hit by the worst winter in 30 years....he he

  4. I hear ya with the loving the comfyness of winter, it's so romantic! The snow is pretty awesome, but it makes for a pain in the butt of having to shovel, it also makes driving much more dangerous. Must be worse there, since you guys drive on the "wrong" side of the road! HA HA!


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