Sunday, 21 February 2010


That is the sound that February has made so far. Geez - I thought January was bad but this month has taken it out of me. Too much to do at work and way too much to do crafty wise - I need to look and see where I can cut back as right now, I do not enjoy any of my days. 

It is not fun to come home after a stressful 12 hours to be faced with another stressful four to six hours on the net to get all my assignments done, blogs updated, etc etc. When I took on certain projects I was aware what they would entail and I was confident I would be able to manage. For some weird reason - all my crafty related sites initiated some major happening in the month of Feb, which almost tipped me over the edge to such an extend that I wanted to resign from all of them....but I guess at the end of today, I have everything back on track and I will have to look and see how March fares for me before I make any drastic decisions that I may regret a month later.

Anyhoo - enough with the stressing. Yesterday I decided I would not go online at all and totally ignore my computer. Which meant I was able to complete quite a couple of layouts and cards.

The following is a layout for the recent {Gutter Girlz Challenge}, loved the prompts and I can certainly relate to them all. 
  • Prompt: I'm Still Sugar And Spice
  • Song: One Of The Boys
  • Technique: Ribbons, Bows And Dirty Socks
I have always been a tomboy, but still loved to dress up girlie once in a while. However, to this day I get on better with guys. I don't know what it is but all this make-up, fashion, celeb, shoes, etc girlie stuff TOTALLY bores me to tears. I prefer to talk football, mud, hiking, rock music, beers and how to belch the national anthem of any given country - so I guys I will always stay one of the boys...
I struggled a but with the dirty socks prompt but I am SURE the socks I am wearing in the picture must have been dirty at some stage :)

The picture shows me on my 9th birthday, and what a surprise - hanging with all the boys :). I only invited one girl and that because our parents were friends...

** click on the image to enlarge**
Cardstock: Stampin' Up; Papermill
Papers: Upsy Dais Designs - Blossom; Circle of Friends
Stamps, Brads, Rub Ons: Upsy Daisy Designs - Luscious Leaves; It's A Girl Thing; Planes Trains & Automobiles; Blossom
Stickers: Making Memories
Digi Stamp: One Odd Girl - Love Kaylee "Freebie"
I never thought I would be able to include a digi stamp in a layout, even though it was one of my goals for this year, but the Freebie from One Odd Girl made it so easy. She was perfect for this layout and what I love about Kristy's images is that her people actually have noses...ya, don't laugh. There a so many digi images around which show people without noses...what's up with that?? I find that freaky...thankfully Kaylee and Kody are able to smell *wink*


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! I'm in the middle of moving... but I was GOING to use a photo I have of one of the boy's dirty sock feet in my layout. For now, it's still in my head. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. beautiful page! so glad you played along!

  3. Love your take on the prompt. So creative. Love you used an old photo too! Great layout! Thanks for playing in the gutter with us girls!!

  4. hang in there girl!!!!
    Love your layout - how fun :)

  5. This is totally awesome, I love everything about it!!! tHanks for rolling in the gutter with us!!

  6. cool page and I'm with you on being one of the guys! And you know what this is meant to be a hobby, so FUN. If it's stressing you out that's more like WORK... someone's got their balance out of whack missy!

  7. Ugh, I totally hear you about feeling overwhelmed! I keep hoping that Spring will make it all better. C'mon, SPRING!! lol
    Btw, your layout is brilliant, I LOVE it!

  8. LOVE your lo! It's fantastic. Thanks for playing.

  9. i think this LO is perfect! love the digital stamp, wow! it adds the perfect touch. take care and don't stress too much :)

  10. Love this! Such a cute photo! :)

  11. Wow Kim, dieses Layout ist der absolute Hammer!!!! Ich liebe es!!!

  12. Geez Kimmy you are SO my girl! I'm such a tom boy too! Though I still enjoy my hair flowers and cute shoes (when I have to wear them hehe). But I love power tools and home repair. Love Kaylee on your LO! Perfect! MWAH!

  13. Totally know where you're coming from! Take a deep breath and prioritise, its the only thing you can do! Love your layout, VERY cool!

  14. such a fun tom boy page! great interpretation of the prompt!

  15. Lol Kimmy. I'm another one that hates that so many of the digi designs don't have noses!! Freaky§ Love your LO.

  16. yay for digi stamps! and those circle thingies are awesome! thanks for playing!


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