Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Tooth Fairy...passed me by

The last two days were spent in quite some discomfort - for the last couple of years I have been trying desperately to register with a National Health Dentist, which is something I am so not used to from the health Services in Germany. There, you just went to any dentist you liked and got treatment when you needed it and not when it would fit within the yearlong waiting list.

So, due to me not being financially able to afford the extortionate private health care, I basically have to wait until either my teeth fall out, break off or until I am no longer able to control any pain with self medication, then I MAY get an emergency appointment (great health service, hu?). Monday morning one of my fillings fell out - just like that, I did not even eat anything that would warrant the filling to go. Yesterday I got my emergency appointment with the same clinic I had been to in 2008 for emergency treatment and to my "joy" I was told that "there is no way we can do a filling here again - the tooth is too brittle. It needs to be pulled"

Say WHAT????? Holy shit, what is it with dentists in this country - they don't really believe in preserving your dental work - they just rip it out and hope they make they big bucks when you have to go back to them for dentures...sheesh! The pulled a tooth in 2008 on my left jaw side, now the pulled a tooth on my right jaw side. Give me two more years and I will have to feed through a straw.

Well, I would like to think that the dentist was honest when he said the tooth was brittle and not save able but I would dispute this statement slightly when I recall the strength he had to muscle up in order to get that sucker out. Seriously, that was one of the most evil things I had to endure for a long time. He tried to break parts of the tooth in order to get to the other bit to pull it out but had to drill it down in the end because my oh so "brittle" tooth refused to give way...he was leaning on my lower jaw, his nurse had to hold my head in place when he was wiggling the pulling tool from side to side and through all of this I had to listen to all the cracking and creaking noised that were going on...nice.

After half an hour of pulling, pushing, prodding, drilling the dentist had to give me another injection (number three!!!) as the area was so sore that I was in quite some pain. But, in all honesty, the dentist itself he was really friendly and considerate - he always stopped immediately when I indicated that something was uncomfortable and looked at other ways to get to the tooth. Nevertheless, I am feeling a wee bit sorry for myself now....and to know that I have a cavity on the top right doesn't make me any happier. Unless my registration with an NHS dentist is approved there is nothing I can do about it but wait until the pain becomes unbearable and try the emergency helpline again. Shall we take bets already that the tooth will be pulled in the end?

So yeah, you can probably tell I am feeling really great right now - lost a tooth and the flippin' tooth fairy didn't even show her azz around here *pouts*

I decided to work from home today has my jaw is so sore and I would have just not been able to talk to anyone over the phone. At least I got quite some stuff done - AND it gave me a moment to update my blog too - yay :)

And while I am in a posting mood, here is a layout I created for one of the challenges posted over on {{ScrapMuse}} during our February Spread The Love Contest. We were asked to take inspiration from this ad:

And this is what I came up with...

**click on the image to enlarge**

Papers: My Minds Eye
Heart Shape: Cut with Cricut from a scrap piece of kraft paper
Stickers: Rusty Pickle, Bella Blvd
Other: Paint; Bubblewrap; Twine; Star Punch

I *heart* ad-challenges because like no other they really leave you room for interpretation. Do you like a certain colour, a particular element, the font, the subject? As soon as I saw this ad I knew I wanted to use the Russian writing as my inspiration. The picture of Lyndon in front of the T34 tank has been sitting on my scrap table for about four years now and I lacked the idea on how to approach it. The ad gave me the kick up the wotsits that I needed.


  1. oh sista...i am sorry to hear about your tooth but at least you got to stay home...that is the bright side of things....that damn healthcare over there sound BAD !!

    get to feeling better soon !

  2. What country is this? I hate the dentist just for cleaning. WOW! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. OMGosh girlie! I feel your pain! I had to have one pulled on the left and he did all the same yanking but when I told him it hurt (HURT) he basically told me to quit bein a baby. I was sobbing when it was all done. Tramatic! That is crazy about the "list" you need to be on! That is prob perpetuating the lore that brits have the worst teeth that you hear spouted in movies. Feel better soon! So you don't have to jump the boarder for some illegal dental work hehe

  4. wowzers, that doesn't sound like a good trip to the dentist Kimmy. Hope you're feeling better soon! xx


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