Sunday, 28 February 2010

February 2010 - A Summary

So, here we are: another month done and dusted - Can't believe there are only 25 more days to go before my birthday.....
But let's not get ahead too quickly and finish the summary for February first.

Even though it was a short month, it was nevertheless a pretty tough and stressful one. I have made a few decisions over the last few days to ensure that my life gets back on track and that I will enjoy my creative process again. Well, then - what DID occur in February?


Favourite Gadget: This is still my iPod Nano. It never leaves my side and I love the fact that should I need a quick fix of drooling over {{ Vivian Campbell }} or {{ Joe Elliott }} - I just switch to video and get that "aaaaaaawwwwwww" look on my face, when playing the Lep vidz. 

Most Played Song: I am surprised to see that Nickelback came up tops again. This time with {{NEVER AGAIN}} from their 2001 album {{ Silver Side Up }}.

Most Enjoyed TV Show: Man, I am SO stoked that {{ the Mentalist }} is back on telly. I love that on screen banter between the characters and the smugness of lead character Jane.

Most Used/Abused Beverage: This month I turned into a real cheap date - as I started to enjoy drinking a few glasses of {{ Cider }} during the weekends. Most of the cider you can get in 2 ltr bottles in the Supermarkets id frowned upon as "tramp juice", but you know what? I don't care - I like it, it tastes pretty similar to sparkling wine and is quite re-freshing.

Favourite Food:Potatoes all the way. By way of jacket with remoulade or as mash - spuds were my best friend this month

Exercise: I still haven't gotten my arse in gear this month and only set foot on my stepper once, for 10 minutes...that is so wrong and I WILL get back into the swing of things, come March! At least I am still maintaining my weight.

Teeth: Another extraction this year 'caused me to feel quite sorry for myself. You can see the full "oh-woe-is-me" story {{ here }}.

The Job: Is still not getting better. Hard times all around but I am sure it will get better again.

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