Friday, 30 April 2010

April 2010 - A Summary


Favourite Gadget:
Without a doubt I have fallen in love- with my {{ Dymo Letra Tag }}. I wanted one of these for years but could never justify the price tag of £20.00 ($30.00). But as I had a windfall of a few hundred £££/$$$ I figured the time had come. My new bessy mate :). Of course a week after I bought it at full price, it started to be available on sale - but hey, that's life

Most Played Song:
This month I have enjoyed the {{ Dixie Chicks }} again, mainly with {{ Let Him Fly }}

Most Enjoyed TV Show:
The original series of {{ Wallander }} is back. And I am more than pleasantly surprised - because after two of the main characters left the series (actress {{ Joanna Saellstroem }} committed suicide in real life and my favourite character Stefan, played by actor {{ Ola Rapace }} was killed off in the last episode of series 2) I never thought it would grip me as much. I should have never doubted Kurt Wallander - series 3 is just as ace as its predecessors!

Most Used/Abused Beverage:
Nothing out of the oridinary - generally {{ Australian Shiraz }} played the main fiddle.

Favourite Food:
Honestly, I just ate anything that wasn't quick enough to escape me :)


Would you believe me if I said that I really did not have anything too bad which engraved itself in my mind this month?!? Well, it is true - getting back to positivity. YAY 

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  1. sounds cool! Is the Wallander Series you see the German Version? I so loved the books but the tv series here in Germany does not do it for me.
    Wishing oyu a happy start into May - still have your envie with the pens in my bag- I suck - I will send them out next week - promised :)


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