Monday, 12 April 2010

March 2010 - A Summary

Yep, I am late...very late for March but I am already working on my April list right now, so I may be on track again soon :)


Favourite Gadget:
This month I definitely got mega use out of my the design for my blog and playing with the digital stamps from {{ Some Odd Girl }} would have not been possible without my {{ Dell }}.

Most Played Song:
Who would have thought that the {{ Black Eyed Peas }} would hit the top spot with {{ I Gotta Feelin’ }}. Love it!

Most Enjoyed TV Show:
{{ Mock Of The Week }} wins hands down. I am forever loving {{ Andy Parsons }}, {{ Russell Howard }} and {{ Ed Byrne }}. Put these comedy geniuses together with all the other regulars and you have a thigh-slapping, pant-wetting recipe for success

Most Used/Abused Beverage:
Would you believe that I have gone soft? Seriously addicted to {{ Cream Soda }} right now....yum yum

Favourite Food:
This has changed quite dramatically as well. I never used to like rice pudding, there was just something about it which made me gag. Then one day, I fancied something sweet and picked up a {{ Muller Rice Custard }}...I have been hooked ever since with my fave being the Toffee Rice.


I managed to actually do two sessions in March, but that is still not good enough.

Just what exactly is happening with time these days? It used to be that come February, March life would slow down a little and give you a breather, but not so this year. It seems to be pretty much the other way around. There are never enough hours in the day to do what you want to and the silly thing is that I actually reduced my commitments but I am still always playing catch up...go figure

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