Sunday, 30 May 2010

Balcony love....

Considering that we moved into our flat way back in 2003 - it was about freakin' time that we started to re-decorate/re-furbish some bits and bobs. One the the most ignored parts had been the balcony.
For a start it overlooks the main road, and whilst it is not that bad (after all, we are only a small town here) it can be a touch noisy at times.

The main annoyance though is the neighbouring balcony - we are only separated by a low metal bannister and so far we had nothing buy loud and nosy neighbours, the last one being the worst: As soon as I would just open the balcony door to step out - he was there "Hi, how are you..yada...yada...yada". He liked to talk - A LOT, he liked to curse - A LOT and he loved to drum his hand on the metal bannister - A LOT.

So, our balcony in the past had be a no-go-zone. But since the last neighbour left, we decided now is the time to do it up, but some partitions on there, which should give a clear sign to future occupants next door "back off...we are not interested to hear your life-story".

There are some things we simply cannot change at the moment - one being the awful tiling, which was done to all the flats a few years back. I HATE them - they are a bastard to clean and they look ugly...but IKEA has a good solution for that - {{ snap on decking }}, which we may invest on in bits and bobs....but for now the red ugliness has to remain.

And the blue tarpaulin - again something that all flats have (why BLUE, is beyond me though). Maybe one day, it will "accidentally/on purpose" disappear...

So this is where we are right now:

You may have spotted the bit of reed screen on the picture above - that is what we are working on right now, as Phase #1 of the balcony is taking shape :).

Oh, before I forget, I simply have to show off: I was featured on the {{ Cards Blog }}...with my {{ You Rocket My World }} card...yay!

Have a great weekend all - we are off to finish Phase #1 and hopefully enjoy a BBQ on the balcony later on.


  1. that is anice big balcony girl! go - LOL. If you have more and more plants in pots in front of the blue banner it will vanish. It looks like this can be a new room for you guys :) Have fun and enjoy!

  2. i'm a bit puzzled by the blue tarp too...but as you said, you have to work with what you've got so i'm glad you're trying to make the best of it :) so far the screening looks great! if you do the IKEA flooring, definitely update...sounds cool!

    congrats on being featured for your cute card!


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