Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thank You

I feel it is time to say a HUGE thank you to

  • those of you who stop by and read my drivel regular
  • those of you who take time to comment once in a while
  • those of you who comment regular
  • those of you who just read

But, I am also grateful to those of you who don't comment as it is certainly not a mandatory requirement in order to read my blog. I am the same, there are some blogs I read every day and enjoy them immensely but there is no need for me to leave a comment if I don't have anything to contribute to a particular post.

This blog is mainly done for my own enjoyment but I also love to share what I am up to with friends & family and of course it is also a Marketing tool for the manufacturers I am blessed to work with. But first and foremost, it is something I enjoy - but if anyone reading the blog enjoys it too, well - that is even better.

Whenever I receive comments from peeps who leave the odd comment here and there or who may have just commented for the first time - I always email a little 'thank you' back if you have added your email addy when signing in (you do know that the email addies do not show to anyone other than the blog owner, right?). Sometimes, if time allows I will visit your blogs in return and leave comments by way of saying 'thank you' for visiting my blog.

I really appreciate every single person who pops by for a visit, no matter how short/long/often but today I would like to single out two particular peeps, who bring a smile to my face every day:

Those two awesome chicks comment on pretty much every post I make and whenever I see the comment notification with their names on, I feel instantly lifted.

So, THANK YOU girlies for making my day, EVERY time you leave a comment - I appreciate it more than you know. Here's a smacker for ya ;)

Countdown to the mother of all  finals matches: 4 more sleeps
Sunday, 27 June 2010
Germany vs England 


  1. Awwwww how nice of you Kim! Hope your enjoying the sunshine! xx

  2. aww :) big sloppy kisses back atcha baby!

  3. love ya girl ! And lol - can't wait for the game!

  4. Ooo that's so lovely, I know what you mean about receiving comments, it really does make you smile! :) x

  5. aww, you're such a sweetheart, kimmy! i always enjoy reading your blog and coming along for the ride :-)

  6. you're welcome.


    sending luff. GO TEAM! xo


Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment - I do appreciate it a lot.