Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June 2010 - A Summary

Here we are - six months of the year already gone...whooooosh, wham, bam and Santa is as good as squeezing through that chimney again....
Only six more weeks and I am off on my voyage on board {{ Queen Mary 2 }}...dude, I CANNOT wait.

Before I get to my summary for June, let me quickly share my entry for {{ 2 Sketches 4 You }} with you. I have used the {{ Anjou }} digi stamp from {{ Some Odd Girl }} and the wonderful papers from {{ 3ndypapir }} for this fun card.

** click on image to enlarge**

Cardstock: Papermill ** Papers: 3ndypapir ** Stamps: Some Odd Girl ** Stickers: October Afternoon; Jenni Bowlin ** Pens: Uniball Signo

June 2010 Summary

The Good

Favourite Gadget:
Back to my trusted iPod Nano...I would be lost/dead/hysterical without it

Favourite Song:
England Rocks by Down N' Outz...I *heart* England

Favourite TV show:
Mock the Week just returned for a brand new series and whilst I miss Frankie Boyd on the team of panelists, Russell Howard and Andy Parsons are still there and ensure that I get my weekly laughing fits

Favourite Beverage:
The humble Water ties with Lambrini

Favourite Food: Wine Gums of any shape or form were my vice this month....and it shows on my hips

The Bad

I suffered a lot from high blood pressure and constant nosebleeds this month. Add to that a few migraines and you could say that I have been one poorly puppy in June.

Stress is a continuous co-worker at the moment. We have been rushed off our feet since December and suffer badly from rude and abusive customers. This led me to create a series of "Insult Tags" using the names our lovely customers tend to call each one of our team...in case you wonder: I am Little Miss Patronising :)

** click on image to enlarge **


  1. ha ha... those tags are so cool!!! Love Mock the Week... tres hilarious! Hope you health smartens up in time for your voyage.... Robin

  2. bwaaahahahahaha- oyu are so cracking me up!!!! I love the tags- LOL.

  3. Cool card! Love the tags too!! Fun stuff :)

    that is all.

    *cleans up the pee*

  5. Thoese tags are ace!!i love it it made me laugh. Hope your health gets better is such a bummer when your not on top form and you lucky thing going on a cruise where abouts you cruising? Think happy thoughts! LOL x

    P.S. Russell Howard is just sooo hillarious i've seen him when he did his tour last year and is this bad i kinda find him cute!? LOL

  6. Awesome pear card, loveeee it! And teheee, those tags are hilarious!!!

  7. omg those tags...what a great stress reliever! your card is just pear-fect! (love your great puns) and i'm sorry to hear you've had such a bad month, health-wise...take care of yourself girlie!

  8. Love that pear card! too cute!!

  9. What a pear(fect) card! Sweet! Cool card!

  10. eeeek! That card is 'pearfect' and so are those darling tags.
    Hope you are doing great Hon

  11. Aww... The pear is so cute! Great card!

  12. I was about to comment on how much I like the pear card, especially the papers...but then, I saw the tags. Those are amazing and really hilarious!


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