Sunday, 25 July 2010

Relaxing and a challenge

Mr P and I enjoyed some chillaxing time on our improved(ish) balcony. Whilst it is still a work in progress and nowhere near finished, we enjoy just sitting there and having a glass or two of our favourite summer beverages. In my case, I opted for some Lambrini, while Mr P enjoyed some Cider with blackcurrant *shudders*

** click on any of the images to enlarge **

We also spotted your friendly neighbourhood {{ Spiderman }} peeping out between our tomato plants - I wonder if {{ J. Jonah Jameson }} will pay good money to have copies of the pictures for the Daily Bugle, no?!!??

Okay okay I admit it is NOT the real Spiderman...yah, I know...a shocking revelation *wink wink*

Anyway, I almost forgot to show you the card I did for the recent {{ Card Patterns }} challenge, which was sponsored by {{ Some Odd Girl }}. I chose an image from the upcoming 27th July release Mr Pepper and Mrs Salt. Hopefully we see you over at Card Patterns to play along!


  1. LOL - you cute spiderwoman - hahaha- love this!

  2. always a sucker for a great sentiment... fab!

  3. LOL@spiderman!! your balcony is looking great! amazing card, love love the sentiment and those cute buttons (?)!

  4. This Card is so, so beautiful!!! Love, it, Kim!!!
    Kim, I would like to invite you to create a 'Luck' theme card for my challenge at Addicted to Cards Challenges before August 2nd.
    I count on you! xox Julia Sáddi

    check on:

  5. your balcony looks great, girl! and that card is sooo cute - I love the salt and pepper shakers!!


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