Saturday, 11 September 2010

August 2010 - A Summary

August 2010 Summary

The Good

Favourite Gadget:
Naturally with my holiday in Norway, it had to be my trusted NIKON D50

Favourite Song:
Black Eyed Peas again with "I Got A Feeling", probably because the Queen Mary 2 House band Vibz played this in their live set during our holiday quite a few times

Favourite TV show
I had no time for TV being busy enjoying my time on board the worlds tallest, largest Ocean Liner :)

Favourite Beverage:
It was the Queen Mary 2 house SYRAH...I have never tasted a better Shiraz

Favourite Food
Anything..that was served on board Queen Mary 2 and I have the extended hips to prove it

The Bad

First I came back from my holiday with a big fat cold. The next weekend I was ill with a major migraine and then my dentist cancelled twice on me this month....can only get better, right?

Trying to work from home but would you believe it, the minute I get all set up my freakin'  printer dies - ugh. Couldn't the sucker hold out just a month longer???

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  1. happy to see your goods outweigh your bads by quite a bit...looks like you had a great month :)


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