Thursday, 16 September 2010

I'm lovin' it...

I am in love right now....

Did you know that GREY is the new black? Yup, it's a official because my new, most favourite nail polish evah is grey and it's called: new black (I almost peed myself laughing when I saw that). The company is {{ Miss Sporty }} and you can get those from {{ Superdrug }} for a mere £1.99 (approx $3.00).

Mr P always has a pop at me because I prefer to wear black nail polish, so I am sorta trying to do him a favour by using grey, but since then I have totally fallen for that colour. Sad, or what?

What is your favourite nail polish colour? From all comments I will enter a random winner to get a bottle of nail polish in their fave colour...woot woot (and yes, I ship international)


  1. mmmh ...grey...not bad. I think I like this greige thingi - it is big right now- but somehow I like it :)

  2. I kinda like the grey. Hmmm....well since I bite my nails and have nothing to paint...well...hey I DON'T bite my toenails so those get painted...I usually go for a redish color but found this awesome green that I love but haven't tried yet!

  3. i don't color my nails but i'm in love with grey too.
    my new coat and my new knitting projects are grey!!
    i'm a fan of understatement!!!
    have a nice weekend!!

  4. i don't paint my nails very often due to my job...and the fact that i'm just not a girly girl :) but i do like grey! i really never thought of it as a nail color need to put up a pic of your nails!

    on the rare occasions when i do paint them, i usually use silver polish. sort of grey right? just shiny!


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