Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dear Santa...

...I know I have previously asked for {{ him }} to be under my tree this year

Image copyright: Ross Halfin

I'd still like that a lot but as I will see him in concert in January 2011 anyway, I may hold out until then.

Soooo, would it be possible for you to send me this instead?
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I have been a real good girl this year and I really like NEED MUST have before I die WANT this baby. It never appealed to me in the beginning but ot would make life so much more bearable for me when travelling to/from work every day. I get fed up lugging all these heavy books about.

If you really want you can send me the {{ Kindle }} now and leave Mr Campbell for Christmas - I am easy like that, but I just think I deserve something I can fiddle with :)


  1. LOL - I love my kindle- I will always still love real book and buy them - but the kindle - seriously a cool addition. Traveling, commuting so awesome with the kindle!!! I'm glad I have it - and hey- I'm still the one that has over 600 books on her book shelf ;)

  2. Greg just got his kindle, his new best friend!! Have to admit even I may end up wanting one of these too!!

  3. I want one too! :)

  4. well....whichever you get, i'll take the other :)


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