Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cricut Sale

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As much as I loved my Cricut - I have to admit I am no longer making use of it. So I have decided to put the whole lot cutter, carts and accessories up for sale.

The Cricut is in perfect working order and whilst I no longer have the original box, it will be packed securely for transport via Parcel Post. Please note that I have used the Cricut for a a couple of years so there is some wear and tear on the outside as seen below

Together with the bug you will receive 4 (four) cutting mats - two have been used a lot but are still really stick and good enough to use with thinner papers and cardstock (is you use some removable spray adhesive on it it will last you for years to come). One of the mats has never been used at all and one was only used a few times on cardstock.

You will also receive the following carts with the Cricut:
[*]George Basic Shapes (boxed with booklet)
[*]Going Places (boxed with booklet)
[*]Storybook (boxed with booklet)
[*]Celebrations (boxed with booklet)
[*]Stretch Your Imagination (boxed with booklet)
[*]Home Accents (this was a solution cartridge and came without box and without booklet, but is securely packed within the George box)

Here are a few close ups of the inside of the Cricut to show you I have taken very good care of it

Now the boring bit - payment terms :)

For the whole lot, including insured/recorded postage (mainland UK) I am asking £225.00 (that is a saving of at least £165.00 if bought individually).
I can only accept personal cheques and the package will be mailed only after the cheque has cleared into my account (generally this takes three to five working days). I cannot accept Paypal payments or postal orders.

Once the payment has cleared and the package is handed over to the post office, I will email you a copy of the proof of postage and tracking number for your peace of mind.

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  1. good luck with your sale! it sucks letting go of stuff you once loved, doesn't it?


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