Saturday, 23 October 2010

Funky Fingers

Thanks to {{ Avon }} and {{ this }} wonderful nail-strengthener, my nails are growing like crazy these days and even when I break one or two of them, they grow back so fast you can almost watch it...

And whenever my nails are long enough, I always like to play around with colour and some different kind of designs. While I love the French manicure look, I hate that almost everyone wears it on their nails. So I went for a Kimmy manicure look :)

These fat funky fingers have been busy lately and focussed more on this, rather than scrap

It is the woolly jumper I started for Mr P a year ago and never could be arsed to finished, but somehow my knitting gene has been revived and the jumper is now in its finishing stages. Now, what to knit next, is the question...


  1. You knit too!!? Wow... What CAN'T you do?! :D

    I think I have to check out that Avon-goo! I swear by my Sally Hansen Diamond Strength but I've been looking for something from a company that's openly against animal testing, and I believe Avon are?

    Gotta check & see if I can get me some of that - because your nails look faaaab!

  2. ooohh! first of all, the nails look AWESOME! love that colour, and whenever i decide to try the french manicure thingy with the different coloured tips, i usually mix it up, too. :) you rock. i think we may have been separated at birf!

    and OOOHHH, knitting. i'm all about the handmade scarves and wristwarmers (fingerless gloves). when you have nothing else to do (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!), lemme know and i'll pay you to make me sumpin! :) xo

  3. Love the funky nails hun.

    Your knitting looks great, bet it's going to make you man even more "huggable"!

  4. i can crochet, but not knit. i always feel more like doing it in the fall too :) your jumper looks fabulous!!

    awesome nails girlie! i never paint mine, as they'd just be destroyed at work, but love to see everyone else's looking all purty :)


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