Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Upsy Daisy Designs - DT October PT II

No, we don't celebrate Halloween in our house at all. Ever.
Not because we don't like it but what is the point? No kidlets, no strangers trick or we don't bother.

BUT that doesn't mean that I don't love this particular Holiday (not that it is really all THAT big here in the UK, but that's an entirely different story)

For this month, the Upsy Daisy DT was asked to create something Halloween-y using not necessarily products that would be themed. That is one thing I LOVE so much about {{ Upsy Daisy Designs }}, that they just do not do themes....there may be some paper line which can be used for specific holidays but you would not ever find anything that has schtuff like "Happy Halloween" or "Happy 4th July" printed all over the paper. 
Why do I love it? Because it means that these papers can be used world-wide for any occasion...but I digress.

Back to Halloween and the "not-so-ween" papers :))). I knew straight away that I would make good use of the {{ Circle of Friends }} line, which to this date is my all time favourite paper line from UDD. The papers make me happy, they are bright and shabby chic at the same time and whenever I have to cut into one of them , I bleed and cry at the same time....because I know that this may be the last time ever that I will fondle them. But for this month I just had to part with some bits of this line because the oranges and pinks pretty much SCREAM Halloween at me

Not only did I want to create a few cards, but also a neat folder in which to present them, so I googled for some fun templates and found {{ Mirkwood Designs }}, who offered one awesome and super-easy card folder. Whatddaya think - mission accomplished?

** click on any of the image for an enlarged view **


  1. ooh seriously cool! love that folder and such a great idea to use it for the cards :)

  2. I love the folder and the cards - so cute!!

  3. WOW these are so cute! Love them both

  4. Oh, hello - these are agooooorjuss!!


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