Saturday, 6 November 2010

October 2010 - A Summary

October 2010 Summary

The Good

Favourite Gadget:
My new canon printer had quite a few jobs to do this month - mainly my beloved SOG digi stamps :)

Favourite Song:
For some reason, I have been in a total AC/DC mood this month and Jailbreak played over and over again on my iPod

Favourite TV show
I really am  not a fan of all this reality show crap, so it is nice to see that some TV stations bring us some worthwhile series, like Downton Abbey. It is based on the old series {{ Upstairs/Downstairs }}, which was known as "Das Haus am Eaton Place" in Germany. I remember that our whole family sat together on Saturdays to watch the programme - good times.

Favourite Beverage:
Ever since I came back from my Norwegian voyage I have been totally into Mai Tai's...a wonderful re-freshing cocktail - but beware, you get drunk quick and the following hangover is not easy to shift 
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Favourite Food
I have found a new love Humus...I never knew that chickpeas could  be so tasty :)

I finally started to exercise again...let's hope I shift the remaining 5 pounds which cling to my hips

The Bad

Somehow my nosebleeds increased again, during the last two weeks of October I had one almost every day, so I guess I need to the see doctor again

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