Monday, 15 November 2010

Upsy Daisy Designs - DT November PT III

I had a real blast this month with my {{ Upsy Daisy Designs }} projects and I think I am not finished...somehow I can't stop creating with the last two lines, they get my mojo flowing like nothing else.

Our second assignment for this month was to make use of the funky {{ Square Brads }}. I love them a lot because they are so different to the majority of brads on the market but at the same time, I find them difficult to use. So I was more than happy with this challenge as it pushed me out of my comfort zone (i.e. choosing round brads over squares).

** click on images to enlarge **
Papers: Upsy Daisy Designs - #AVA012. Extreme, #AVA013. Grind#ND015. Inspire ** Rub Ons: Upsy Daisy Designs - #UDD186. It's A Girl Thing, #UDD0123. Basic Brown Alpha ** Brads: Upsy Daisy Designs - #BRD313. Vogue ** Stickers: Rusty Pickle, Dymo ** Other: Punches, Pens

I decided to use some {{ Rub Ons }} and doodle along the outline of the brads to make them blend with the overall designs of the page. You know what - I think I found a new love: square brads.

Huey Lewis and the News pretty much said it all those years ago: It's Hip To Be SQUARE :)


  1. Super cool LO!
    (I once made an LO titled "Hip to be Square" by the way. *giggles*... but I can't hear that song w/o laughing because of the ridiculously disturbing, yet hilarious American Psycho scene where Christian Bale is swinging his hips, singing along to Hip to be Square... while dressed in a raincoat and wielding an axe...! LOL!)

  2. How fun- I love the layout and you dolled up - the square brads are sooo cool!

  3. Ich drücke dir auch soooooooooooooooo doll die Daumen!! :-*

    Ich liebe dein Layout - so cool!

  4. love it all .. but umm CONGRATS CONGRATS on TC girl .. SO SO SO SO happy for you


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