Saturday, 11 December 2010

Shazam - Wham - For You :))

I am really digging my {{December Kit}} - the colours totally suit the winter pictures I have lying around. 

Have a look at the first three projects I created from my own Kit.

Layout 1 - Shazam!
The story behind this picture still cracks me. When we were hiking in Berchtesgaden, we tried to find one of the public pathways and came to this sign which was totally covered in snow. We shook it, threw snowballs at it but no matter what we tried - the snow clung to it as if super-glued. As soon as Mr P stood himself underneath it and unfolded the map - every single bit of the snow came toppling down on his head. I laughed so much I almost peed myself. It took me a while to gather myself and take a snap, that is why most of the snow had disappeared from Mr P's head by then.

Layout 2 - Wham
Yeah, it's the month of funny titles...he he
You can never ever be too old to throw yourself in the snow and make a snow angel, right? So when we came across this huge bit of untouched snow, I just had to throw myself in and wiggle arms and feet about :)

Tag - For You
Just a few left-over bits stuck onto a self-made tag, Perfect little touch for a present

And that's it for now, but I am sure there will be more to come - the Kit is still lying on my desk, calling out for me :))


  1. both of these pages crack me up! you sure have fun with life :)

    don't beat yourself up over the kit thing...i LOVE the idea of kits but i have trouble with them too. but didn't stop me from signing up with studio calico recently. i have 3 kits and have i used any of them? what do you think? lol

  2. I am glad I am not the only one ignoring her Kits then...he he

    Studio Calico is one that I would love to get but I just can't afford it...sniff

  3. These look FABBY! I love how you put together your kit with the fun winter theme without so much CHRISTMAS screamin thru. SUCH a good idea! I love the SHAZAM title too lol!


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