Wednesday, 5 January 2011

December 2010 - A Summary

December 2010 Summary

The Good

Favourite Gadget:
Even though apart from the jumper I knitted for Mr P, none of the other jumpers, cardigans etc worked out, the KNITTING NEEDLES have still gotten the most use out of me this month.

Favourite Song:
Surprisingly enough it is NOT a Christmas song (mainly because I am the re-incarnation of Scrooge...I just don't do Christmas) but a sillly little Pop Song COTTON EYED JOE from the Rednex.

Favourite TV show
Back to enjoy  The Mentalist - it rounds up my Sunday evening.

Favourite Beverage:
Wine all the way baby - thanks to the Christmas offers I was able to get myself a couple of really nice wines such as Wolf Blass - yum yum

Favourite Food
Spekulatius, which are spiced biscuits that are traditionally served in Germany during the Christmas period

The Bad

Even though the nosebleeds were less frequent, I managed to grab myself a mean cold during my time off work (therefore making it the most wasted time off ever) and on occasion my previously experienced Plantar Faciitis is back. Boy that can hurt something wicked....let's hope it is not turning into such a stinker as March 2009, when I was limping around for a few months...


  1. well- I wish you all THE GOOD and more THE BEST for 2011!

  2. OMG you ARE my sister across the sea! Plantar Faciitis is a big reason I found a way to not work on my feet all day! 13 weeks (twice a week)of physical therapy to boot and its still an issue :/ Not to mention the cold thing... UGH! EMPATHY YOUR WAY! Big hugs chick!

  3. i'm so glad you had lots more good than bad...hoping this year you have nothing but good!!


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