Saturday, 8 January 2011


Sorry to those of you who have seen a different post go up earlier today...
Had to re-schedule it as this post, right here and right now is the one that should have gone live.

First of all I am super delighted and extremely THANKFUL that one of my cards was picked up for submission by {{Scrapbook Trends}}. Two years of constant monthly submitting finally paid off and all I need now to make me even more THANKFUL is to have one of my layouts picked up by them :)))

Some of my Facebook friends may have noticed me being on a downer a few days ago, THANKFULly I managed to pick myself up again and start afresh. It just seemed that too much was going against me during the first 5 days of the year and I was facing unexpected bills, like the one from my dentist for £200.00 (approx $350.00) - right after we used our savings for a much needed couch...and then I got knocked back on every single submission for DT and magazine calls. Yah, I just needed to vent at that time and now it's off my chest, I can look again at being THANKFUL for what I have.

And isn't it funny that the days after I decided to grow up and stop whining, I get the call from ST?

But enough of all that. There is lots I have to share with you today - no worries: it's all positive :)

First of all the January Digi Day for {{Some Odd Girl}} has kicked off and this month, there is one challenge only and it is hosted over on the blog. Play along and be in with a chance to win  a digi stamp of your choice AND also a digi that no one else can purchase before March...wicked, hu?
See the requirements for the challenge {{here}}

The card I created for the challenge is making use of one of my older digi's - I have been itching like mad to use {{Buzzie}} for some time now but somehow it never fell together. Until today :)

** click on image to enlarge **
Dont forget: there is still some time for you to get your applications in for the {{DT Call}} at Some Odd Girl. 

That was not all I did today though - oh no. I am a layout and card churning machine...and I so wanted to play along to the fabulous challenges over at the {{MME blog}}. I will enter the layout challenge as well, but for now this card will have to suffice:)

**click on image to enlarge**
Everything on this card apart form the mist, the floss and the bling is from {{My Minds Eye}}.

But there is more...oh yes. But this time you will have to endure my face rather than my cards or layouts.
Thanks to {{this}} post from Kristy I have decided to play along to {{52 Week Project}} in which you take a self portrait of yourself every week of the year.

I went with the Mirror prompt (just as Kristy...yah, I am such a copy-cat) and the first picture is the one I like the most. 
Probably because I have gone totally against the grain and decided to take a picture of my in front of the mirror looking into the camera rather than into the mirror. 

And here are two pictures I dismissed but thought they were still ok enough to share.
I like the first one because you can still see the bit on the right hand side, where the mirror broke some years ago. And the stripes on and under my chin are actually reflections of light.

And the second one is totally blurry but I like the motion in it - and besides I wanted to have one picture which looked funky converted into black and white.

So, who else is doing the 52 Week project?


  1. I LOVE seeing your mug and am looking forward to it each week :D

    YAY YOU RAWK SO HARD! on the ST pub! You are amazing and I can't believe it took them 2 YEARS to notice? Are they blind? apparently!

    Besides the funds (ouch!) it looks like the new year is starting to treat you right :) The Bee card is just too CUTE (DD just came over and confirmed it lol) and I dig the MME card too!

  2. love the shots- soo cool!
    And huge congratulations on the pub you so deserve it!!!!

  3. Nom! Loving the cards - and the photos! Congrats on the pub!! :D

  4. love your pics!! the cards are super cute, especially buzzie...seriously never seen a more adorable bee! i said it on facebook, but again, big huge congrats on your ST pub!!! i'm glad things are looking up for you :)

  5. Cool Cards and Photos, Thanks for sharing with us:)


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