Saturday, 1 January 2011

One Little Word - 2011

Over the past years I have played along to {{Ali Edwards'}} idea to focus on just one word for the year ahead, to make it your motto and try to live by it. Additionally I also scrapped a page using my word to remind myself throughout the year

** click on any of the images to enlarge the view **

I started in 2008 and chose MODERATION, as I was living it large the years before. It was time for me to pull the brakes and start living sensibly

In 2009 my chosen word was POSITIVITY, after I read the book {{the Secret}}, I knew I would enjoy my life much more with a positive outlook - and it worked!

For 2010 I went with the word DETERMINATION as I had so many plans and so many goals I wanted to achieve. I have been determined, all right but not to the extend I wanted to be. Probably because during the year I had forgotten about my word and just plodded along...proof of that is that I never even created a layout for my word until now....sheesh

So, in anticipation for 2011 my chosen word is: THANKFUL. There should be no worrying over things that I cannot change, no crying over spilled milk. Just to embrace each days and be happy that I am alive, loved and  in the wonderful position to be able to speak my mind.

Here's to a happy 2011!


  1. beautiful LOs as always girl...and i'm thankful you share them with us!

  2. these layouts are fabulous, as are your inspiring words. i've never done that before, but i'm liking that idea! i could use some focus lol!!


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