Monday, 14 February 2011

Crochet Madness

Excuse the pun but I am officially and utterly HOOKed ...
I never thought that I would take to crocheting as much as I did, seeing that my first love always used to be knitting.

My buddy {{Trace}} actually started me off subconsciously, with her {{creative space}} and {{folksy friday}} postings. There were so many crochet projects to be seen that I thought "hey I can do that, surely!??!"

So, as you know, I bought myself the {{200 Crochet Blocks}} book from Amazon and started to teach myself how to crochet other than just creating a chain. It took some temper tantrums, hooks being thrown across the room in frustrations and outcries of "I give up" until I finally mastered the humble {{Granny Square}} and since then there was no stopping me.

Yesterday afternoon I took a shot of the blanket I have been working on, which is now completely finished with edging and all but I have to iron it first before I can share it in all its purple-ish beauty.
Until then, here is a snippet

** click on any images in this post to enlarge **

The square pattern are made up from two different blocks out of the above mentioned book, the Granny Square was taken from 
Block 7 - Granny In The Middle
 and the edging from 
Block 117 - Granny In The Middle
The aubergine edging on all squares was something I made up as I went along, just using treble stitches, and the final eggshell edging was also something I just crocheted-as-I-go.

From the left over yarn I started to fiddle about with different blocks from the above book - just to see if I can do all the intricate designs and here are the ones I did so far

Block 17 - Waterlilly

Block 189 - Willow

Block 209 - Marigold


  1. You are amazing!! I lurve these!

  2. Sqqqqueeeeee!!!! You did it! Go Kimster! I love, love, love what you've made... and you've hooked up the waterlilly square, that's on my list of to dos once my bag is finished! I'm so proud of you young lady! xxx

  3. Gosh!!! This is a masterpiece, Kim, L-O-V-E it!!!!
    Kiss, Julia Sáddi

  4. Oh those are incredibly cute! I just saw an adorable quilt made with a bunch of the waterlily style blocks. So so so pretty!

  5. Way too cool! I LOVE those dimensional flowers in the blocks. And your blanket is just fabulous. :)

  6. omg gorgeous! you make me want to rush out and get some yarn and a hook!


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